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It is so great to be back in one of my favourite cities – San Francisco ! It is particularly great to be here for one of my all time favourite events – Cisco Live. This year of course is very special being the 25th anniversary. It is particularly exciting to see so much great innovation and energy being generated all over the event and not least of which by the World of Solutions.


As you travel around the World of Solutions keep your eyes open for IPv6 Technology. I have been encouraging my colleagues and our Partners to enable this as a working part of their showcased demonstrations and I am particularly proud that this year we have reached much further than before with IPv6 across the showcase floor.

There is a huge amount of IPv6 Technology featured in the World of Solutions and as you move around look out for our “IPv6 Enabled” sticker being proudly displayed by many Cisco and Partner hosted demonstrations. If the demonstration has IPv6 capability and it has been turned on within the platform then you should see one of these stickers attached to the demonstration:

I will be returning to this blog later in the week to highlight some of the specific demonstrations that I found as I travelled around the WoS but I wanted to give you all advanced notice that this program will help guide you to IPv6 capable technologies in the World of Solutions.