Welcome to Milano!

Wow, what an activity on the first day at the Cisco Campus / World of Solutions. It’s great to see all these people thirsty for knowledge, and all these people looking for intelligent solutions for their business needs.

One of those business needs is removing complexity from networks by making networks self-managing, or in other words Autonomic Networking.  2014 will be the year that we are shipping the first sets of functionality in this space, so that makes us really exited.  After all we have been working on this for more than 3 years internally, and its great to finally see the fruits of that hard work.

Michael has explained in his blog that Autonomics is all around us, but until now there wasn’t a solution that allowed other applications to leverage a common autonomic infrastructure.  Finally it is here!  The Autonomic Networking Infrastructure allows Service Providers to bootstrap new devices completely zero touch, in a secure fashion, without pre-staging the devices and/or a back-end DHCP Server, and this totally topology independent!  Just plug in the device, and watch it getting authenticated, receiving a Domain Certificate, joining the Autonomic Domain, and joining the Autonomic Control Plane, which provides indestructible IPv6 end-to-end connectivity!  If an mdns-enabled TFTP server is connected to the network, it will leverage the Autonomic Control Plane to announce its service, upon which the devices will pull in their configuration!

We have a lot of sessions on Autonomic Networking here in Milan for you!

Michael will talk you through the general concepts on Wednesday.  His session-id is BRKGEN-2999, and he is talking at 14:30, in South Wing Level 2, Amber 8.

I, Michael, Colin Kincaid, Balaji and Toerless Eckert, together with our customer Altibox, will host a panel-session ( PNLNMS-2005 ) on Wednesday, at 16:30, in North Wing Level -1, Green Hall 1.  This will allow you to be interactive, ask questions, but more importantly provide us with additional use-cases for how YOU would use the Autonomic Networking Infrastructure.

Akshat Sharma, our Technical Marketing Engineer / Guru, will explain how to leverage the Autonomic Networking Infrastructure to help Service Providers to reduce their Operational Expenditure quite dramatically!  His session-id is BRKSPG-2447 and is on Thursday , 14:30, in South Wing Level 2, Suite 1.

Of course you can always request a one to one meeting with any of us, we’d be happy to talk to you and listen to you!

Enjoy Milano!