Why Mulkey Engineers Switched from Riverbed to Cisco WAAS

August 7, 2012 - 3 Comments

Have you ever been behind the wheel of your car moving at 5 mph? Visualize this: as I wait patiently for my turn to merge onto Interstate 880 N, based on the honor system because there is no meter, a brightly colored Fiat rolls by on the left shoulder. A few seconds later, a Smart Car inches up and squeezes itself between my car and the narrow right shoulder passing me as well. The Smart Car has a bumper sticker that says “Please don’t hit me. I’m not sure about my coverage.” Hmm…

Now that you’re probably done giggling at my experience, let’s analyze the scenario above. Designing a network of highways takes a lot. A smart highway system not only reduces congestion and prevents collision, but also provides expedient information, such as signage and speed sensors, to improve driver response times. Civil engineers consider more than just current traffic and road conditions when they design highway systems. They also consider how to scale for the future, taking into account urbanization, seasonal factors, and future uncertainties such as mini cars. Sound familiar?

Many of the design and management considerations for an Internet wide area network—such as bandwidth management, application response time, and centralized control—are similar to highway system design.

Civil engineering firm optimizes file sharing. When providing design and engineering services, surveying and environmental services, and construction inspection to state and municipal agencies, Mulkey Engineers, an award-winning civil engineering firm, relied on a Cisco network for its high-volume work sharing environment, centralized file control, and cloud-readiness.

“We use a number of 3-D graphic-intensive engineering applications,” says Barry Pierce, Mulkey’s IT manager. “Looking to the future, we’re sure our Cisco virtualized WAN optimization solution will scale with our requirements, our growth, and our shift toward more and more private cloud services.”

Why not Riverbed anymore? The decision not to refresh with Riverbed despite being a five-year customer, as stated by Pierce, is simply based on confidence – confidence that “anything (they) bought from Cisco will work.” Below is a summary of additional factors:

  • End-to-end network solution for both data and voice – not a plug-n-play
  • High level of confidence in Cisco performance, reliability and support
  • Endorsement from long time technology partner, Confiance
  • Centralized management capability within Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) servers
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Lower cost of ownership

Just as we trust that proper signage will warn us of road hazards, that traffic lights will work every time, and that speed limits will foster a safe driving environment, Mulkey Engineers also trusts that its network, powered by Cisco WAAS, will empower the firm with reliable file version control. An accurate traffic assessment report translates to smart design. And smart design means lower propensity for accidents so drivers like you and me can get home safely.

Published case study: Mulkey Engineers readies for future with optimized WAN performance

For more information, visit Mulkey Engineers | Cisco WAAS | Cisco UCS


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  1. There’s a lot that went into our decision to switch from Riverbed to Cisco. Part of it was confidence in Cisco but honestly, part of it was simply that the Cisco solution was priced better than Riverbed. Both Cisco and Riverbed have great wan acceleration products.

    We were a faithful Riverbed customer for 5 years. We paid our 20% maintenance fees every year to keep the latest and the greatest upgrades. However, when it was time to replace our hardware with new equipment, it was like we were a new customer and we were not given a very good trade-in discount.

    If you are a potential Cisco customer, feel free to call me if you would like to discuss. You can obtain our phone number from our website: http://www.mulkeyinc.com.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this!

    Just out of curiosity and also of course if it does not violate any confidentiality clause: Was the primary cause for change in vendors related to performance or deliverables or was it related more to customer confidence for a “total” Cisco solution?

    Thank you!

    Best Regards