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What is our track record on Innovation?

November 26, 2007 - 3 Comments

How are we doing on Innovation so far? All groups in Cisco are interested in Innovation (of all types: line-extension, services, new processes, etc.). Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group (ETG) is specifically responsible for incubating new growth markets, which is why we are sponsoring the I-Prize contest.ETG has brought 4 business units to market so far (we have 5 others that are still busy working on their products). The 4 publicly announced business units are:1. TelePresence: the next best thing to teleportation2. IP Interoperability & Communications Systems (IPICS: radio & telephony interoperability)3. Digital Media Systems (desktop video & signage)4. Physical Security (video surveillance)Each of these business units has been incubated in our group, which means we hire the founders (half from inside Cisco, half from industry), build the product, and then sell the product. From idea to product takes between 12-18 months. We then continue to incubate the new business unit for 2 to 3 years. Once it grows up nice & strong, like all children, it leaves home (and finds a home elsewhere inside Cisco).This incubation process is relatively unique in industry, because we are responsible from idea to successful launch. It’s not enough to have a good idea, we have to execute well also. We expect our first business units to graduate within the next 12-18 months. This lets us make room for new ones. We’re always looking for the next billion dollar idea, so if you have one, go to and enter our contest!

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  1. There are some security questions about Cisco IPICS on VOIPSA here: answers? Anyone?

  2. Wow, immense amount of new ideas. I was always wondering why we still try to stream television/ videos and such through the networks of computers, instead of porting video as as a seperate entity using the technology we already have. Realizing it would take the cooperation of internet and television to create bi-porting, crazy huh, television on an independant broadcast window, outside the processors, but allowing customization of such broadcast within the monitor to look and feel as if it were within my screen, and allowing me to port commands and requests via the internet. Call it an internet demand placement monitor, that controls the video braodcast to either custom placement within my internet window, or take full screen. The monitor window is controlled via internet commands, but the broadcast is external, by cable, or satellite or what have you. Thanks GMB.

  3. i want to partcipate in your contest, i am graduate of cisco accademy both i.t essential 1 and ccna and i sat for the cisco carrier examination with the knowledge i got from the cisco accademy in which i passed. kindly let me be part of the contest.