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What’s more important—time or money? What if you didn’t have to choose?

October 15, 2010 - 2 Comments

I was chatting with a colleague recently who was recounting her experience as a first-year engineer just out of school. It was a role that required designing and troubleshooting complicated networks—MPLS or ATM with intricate VPI/VCIs. Not being a technical person, the acronyms alone seemed daunting to me. But what became painfully obvious was the time and resource drain that is inherent when supporting a vast number of customers with needs that change on an ongoing basis. Without a standardized reference or blueprint, they were forced each time to create—and re-create—the wheel, over and over. It was clearly a problem in need of a solution—and an architectural one at that.

At Cisco, we’ve been talking about how Borderless Networks can transform your business—from the IT management side of things, and from the end-user experience perspective. But what helps make that a reality is the underlying architectural blueprint.

With networks, an architectural blueprint can mean simplified deployment and IT investment protection. In other words, saved time AND saved money. The power of the And. What a concept!

Recently, I was reading about Masdar, a visionary city being built outside of Abu Dhabi. The forethought that goes into a project like that is staggering. And when it’s most successful, no one notices—because everything works seamlessly.

Whether you’re talking about building architecture or network architecture, it’s all about the design—taking into account the ultimate needs and uses, looking at the present and looking at the future.

You can learn more about Cisco’s approach to architectural blueprints for networks at

And if you have any interesting anecdotes to share around architectural design, let me know!

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  1. I agree with you Linda- SBA is a terrific way for Cisco partners to accelerate their engineering practices. My experience with many of our elite performing partners is that complex design remains one of the most common partner "choke points". They rarely have enough high end talent to complete designs. SBA helps alleviate that problem with validated, and wonderfully crisp and clear documentation. Take a look at!

  2. time is most important in our life bcoz if time passed that time will not come back ..........but money can always rotate