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Welcome to the Cisco “Think Inside the Box” Developer contest

October 14, 2008 - 6 Comments

Encouraged by the success of the Cisco iPrize contest, we’re launching another exciting contest, this one focused on Application Developers. It is called Cisco”Think Inside the Box” Developer contest and the first such open outreach from Cisco to the developer community.The contest is open to developers over the age of 18 worldwide. Proponents of Linux and open source development will find this right up their alley, although anybody with creative coding skills and a penchant for thinking outside the box are more than welcome to participate. imageThe”box” here is the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR), which now resides in millions of branch offices all over the world. In April 2008, we launched a Linux-based service module on the ISR called the Application Extension Platform (AXP) with open APIs, extensions to Cisco IOS, a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), developer and partner ecosystem -the whole nine yards. Many of our solution partners found this concept cool enough to develop a variety of applications to run on this service module for healthcare, retail, utilties and Unified Communications to name a few. This spurred us on to tap into similar innovative ideas from a broader community and seeded the ideas for the contest. The prize? One hundred thousand U.S dollars in total prize money with three winners getting U.S$50K, U.S$30K and U.S$20K respectively.Details of the contest, including terms and conditions are on the official Cisco Developer Contest website. So, if you’re an application developer, brush up your coding skills and enter. Pass this on to like-minded people -you can either enter as an individual, or form a team size of up to three people. Share the journey with us:Blog back with questions or send an e-mail to “”We welcome you to subscribe to this blog, by entering your e-mail on the Innovations blog page. You can get updates about this contest and other Cisco innovations. Also check out the blogs on Cisco Platform.Stay tuned, blog on and have fun!

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  1. Not a bad way at all to find the individuals who will be working on the next generation of technology tools

  2. Cisco has always found interesting ways to develop new talent. Unlike some companies...IBM are you listening?

  3. thanks for this article... really interesting, i i like this useful post!

  4. As this is the first such developer outreach that Cisco is undertaking, it’s a learning process for us too. We’ll continue to refine it as we go along.

  5. Hi Edu,Thanks for the comment. We've two seperate contests running - one for external audiences and another for Cisco employees in specific roles. This is to keep the operational aspects simpler, as also to provide a level playing field for non-Cisco participants.As this is the first such developer outreach that Cisco is undertaking, it's a learning process for us too. We'll continue to refine it as we go along.

  6. I'm confused about employee participation. Term and conditions say that it's not allowed but an article at EE Times says that it's allowed but to a lesser prize.Either way, I don't see why not just allow everyone to participate for the same prize and the best product would win.