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Round-Up of New Cisco Borderless Networks Technologies

March 18, 2010 - 4 Comments

Yesterday, we announced the next step forward in Cisco’s Borderless Networks architecture. There are a lot of new products and technologies that fit into the launch. This post can serve as your at-a-glance summary for understanding all the various new components from Cisco and how they can impact your network. Within the network infrastructure, we gave a significant boost to Catalyst switches, ISRs, and ASRs. New innovative systems and services bolster video performance, network integrity, cost of ownership, device lifecycles, and business readiness. Cisco EnergyWise continues to expand its influence over energy consumption and costs. New secure access technologies form the basis of Cisco’s Borderless Security Architecture. The goal is to deliver the promise of “Borderless Access” while keeping the network secure at the same time.


Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X series: These high-performing switches come with 10G Ethernet, 48 ports PoE+ and Smart Uplink modules. The switches support powerful medianet services, enabling the delivery of the high-quality video experience. They also support leading edge features such as Cisco TrustSec security policy controls; EnergyWise energy management software; MACsec link-level encryption; and StackPower– a power distribution system that optimizes energy delivery across a Catalyst switch stack.


Catalyst 2960-S series: At a great value, this 10G Ethernet switch series can give you the solid performance and manageability you need now. Support for new features such as FlexStack for the 2960 family, standards-based PoE and PoE+, and advanced early fault detection have the 2960-S striking the right balance of cost and capabilities.


ISR G2 3900E series: These routers reflect an 8x increase in performance over the original ISR 3800. In addition, support for up to 350Mbps in WAN bandwidth and integrated medianet services makes them ready for remote site expansion and business video applications.


ISR G2 887/888 series: These service-rich access routers combine advanced services such as security (IPS, firewall, content) and 802.11n wireless LAN with flexible and high-performance WAN options – e.g., 3G, VDSL2.


ASR-1000 Release 6: Building on the ASR’s recent “Best of Tests” award from Network World, Cisco’s latest ASR 1002-F lowers the cost of entry for customers looking to gain full advantages of ASR technology within their WAN infrastructure. In addition, new features such as SIP trunking expansion, VRF-aware IPSEC and firewall, Smart Call Home, and Performance Routing drive even greater reach, reliability, and returns across the ASR series — and across your WAN.


EnergyWise Orchestrator: This tool provides powerful measurement, reporting, and planning capabilities that allow organizations to exert greater control over energy use and costs. In addition, PC client software and an open API now extend Cisco EnergyWise control and savings to networked PCs and non-IT devices.


EnergyWise on the ISR G2: Catalyst switches AND the ISR now support EnergyWise, extending next generation energy management throughout the entire network – from headquarters to branch offices.


Cisco AnyConnect: This secure, yet flexible access system allows users to access the network without interruption with their mobile device of choice, including laptops and handhelds. At the same time, this solution helps your organization easily manage the security risks of operating in a world without borders.


Cisco TrustSec: Cisco TrustSec builds security and intelligence into the network with policy-based access control, identity-aware networking, and data confidentiality and integrity. Cisco TrustSec helps you secure borderless networks with confidence, consistency, and efficiency.


Services for Borderless Networks: And with the new Cisco Services for Borderless Networks, one service contact covers your Cisco routing, switching, security, and mobility solutions. This allows you to deploy and operate your Borderless Network as one single system.


We invite your comments and feedback on these new products and technologies. How are you adapting your network in a world with borderless expectations?

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  1. Hi Rick,The best source for information on Cisco's Security solutions is: -Jen

  2. Hi Cliff,The 3560-X and the 3750-X are orderable as of earlier this week. Please check back with your reseller. Thanks, -Jen

  3. Hi Jennifer,I can order the 2960-S right now, however my reseller does not show the 3560-X or the 3750-X as available.Do you know when they will be available for purchase?

  4. Hi Jennifer,I thought I did a pretty good blog on the new Cisco 3750-X Switch:New Cisco 3750-X Switch with StackPower technology