Poll: What’s the one place at work where you’d like better wireless connectivity?

Last week, the Dimension Data Network Barometer Report 2012 came out and it had some very interesting things to say about the state of wired and wireless networks.  DiData conducts Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) surveys each year on about 300 companies with the goal of benchmarking how networks are evolving and to find areas of potential vulnerability. One thing that popped out was the jump in 802.11n adoption. For the 2011 report they found only 12% of all access points were 802.11n capable.  This year’s report was more hopeful as they found that one third of all access points were now 802.11n capable.

Why would someone care about 802.11n capability in their company’s wireless access points?

There are a few reasons to care about 802.11n.  First, you’ll get at least six times the performance as legacy 802.11a/g access points.   With the proliferation of devices (you don’t just have a laptop – you’ve got a smartphone, and maybe even a tablet), even if the number of workers hasn’t grown, the number of devices per employee has.  Another reason to care is that 802.11n and later standards such as 802.11r and 802.11ac allow for greater range. With your tablets and smartphones (hello BYOD) you can move around your office and still be connected to the internet.  You can email your team to tell them you’ll be late as you dash between meetings and you can check the news as you wait for coffee to brew in the breakroom. However, not everything is perfect, yet.

There is still that 2/3rds of businesses that don’t have 802.11n and for you I have a poll: What is the one place at your work where you’d like better wireless connectivity? Ever been in a conference room, having a meeting, and needed to look something up but couldn’t get online because you couldn’t get wireless access? Or been strolling the hallway and needed to check your email but nothing was coming in?

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  1. I was also going to say Cisco Building parking lots.

  2. parking lots, singals goes too weak there or goes off totally

  3. wifeless is ưonderful, but you have to careful when you use it. many peopel can hack your pass, and they maybe fight your file of your company !!

  4. i think,the new technology have many advantages. your post help me understand more about it. try more..i like wireless too, it is easy to use anywhere, anytime and save space

  5. I’d have to say parking garages/lots. We have wireless surveys for where to put the APs inside our buildings, but nothing for the parking garages/lots. In the case of the garages, there’s also no cell signal, so its a communication black hole.

    • Danny – Another great point! There have been quite a few times where I was happy to be able to look something up or check email from my car before heading out. I can also see it being a safety imperative to have some connectivity from a parking garage – especially if you are working late at night.

  6. Great idea John! Especially important if you’ve ever been stuck in an elevator. Wish I had included that! 🙂

  7. Mine is the elevator!