Poll: How many mobile devices do you typically bring to the office? You could win an iPad or AppleTV

Last week I polled, What’s the one place at work where you’d like better wireless connectivity? and was honestly a little surprised by the number one answer. The second-place place where people wanted better wireless coverage was conference rooms, which makes sense. At some of the smaller companies I’ve worked at conference rooms were usually on the perimeter of the building and the coverage was poor.  Even within Cisco just a few years ago, a common refrain in meetings was complaints about the spotty coverage. We knew what rooms had better connectivity, and which rooms were to be avoided. So this answer wasn’t much of a surprise.

The first place, as of this writing, was the bathroom.  Almost 40% of you want better wireless coverage in your bathrooms. At work.  Next time one of your colleagues wants you to help them with something on their computers or phones or tablets just think about that.

One place I hadn’t considered adding was parking lots. A few people commented on that and made me realize how often I’ve used my laptop or phone in a car.  Of course, in case any of you are with the CA DMV, I’d never use them while driving.  But I have often driven to a building and then wanted to shoot off a quick email before going into a meeting.  Sometimes I’ll use my phone, but often I need a larger screen and will go with my computer or tablet if I brought it that day, which is rare.

So the Poll for this week: How many mobile devices do you bring to work?  Think of your typical work day. Count what you consider mobile devices, and if your commute was just five steps from your bedroom to your home office – how many mobile devices do you use to get your work done?

Also!  Before the poll, we have a little trivia game running now through Wednesday in our Enterprise WAN App.  Did you know we have an Enterprise WAN App?  It’s pretty simple, easy to use, and we’re planning to roll out occasional trivia games on it.  If you know what CSR stands for or who won a Best of Interop award recently, you could win an iPad or AppleTV [Please see the T&Cs in the app for the official rules].  I encourage you to download the app on your mobile device and check it out. You can also scan the QR code to the left with your iOS or Android device and download the app from there. [If you want to type in the URL into your device’s browser it’s: http://tinyurl.com/ciscoewan]



If you carry more than 2-3 I want to hear from you – what are you bringing? Cameras? Extra phones? Extra tablets?

UPDATED August 09, 2012:  Be sure to check out the follow-up Poll: How many enterprise apps do you use? If you have comments for this poll, be sure to add to the discussion of the follow-up poll discussing what types of business apps you use on all your mobile devices!

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  1. I usually carry, 1 mobile phone.

  2. i usually bring laptop

  3. 1 – Android phone (Atrix2)
    1 – iPhone 4s
    1 – Blackberry Storm (I know, I know…)
    1- iPad
    1- Lenovo x201 tablet

    • Regarding the blackberry storm – I don’t judge. Think of this as a safe place 😉

  4. I bring my laptop and my iphone into work.

  5. Mobile Devices compatibility is more in needs for technical and support side now a days its more good if its fit in any blog that i came.

  6. Usually a laptop, personal phone, and work phone, and occassionaly my iPad too

  7. I usually carry only my Iphone and have it running TV so i can access my home computer which has everything I need running on it regarding my business. Unfortunately at my work i do not have the option of connectiing to the network so i rely on my phone only.

  8. I still bring laptop, tablet and smartphone to work 🙂

  9. “Greetings” All I brings one one & One (Iphone Blackberry & Laptop)


  10. I usually bring 1 laptop, 1 mobile device, 1 Internet modem (Personal).

  11. I bring my phone and laptop…sometimes my kindle.

  12. I actually use my Blackberry Phone, my laptop and my ipad, I use my blackberry most of the time because of the flexibility, my laptop comes into play when I needed a bigger screen and when doing some complex work while my ipad does same as my laptop but when I need to type fast I use my laptop.

  13. I typically carry an iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, mobile hotspot, and an iPad 3. All of those are BYOD. I also carry a corporate 13″ MacBook Air. I run the Mobility Services team for Cisco IT and I’m a gadget geek as well.

  14. 1 IPad
    1 IPhone
    1 laptop

  15. Laptop (company provided)
    iPhone (mine, company provided SIM, on the company network)
    iPad (mine, my SIM, on the company network)
    Kindle (so much nicer to read from on the train)

  16. iPhone , laptop and Cisco Cius

  17. iPhone
    Mac laptop
    Cius (not as often any more 🙂 )

  18. I personally carry a Blackberry, personal phone, laptop. As a network admin in fairly large company, we are under increasing pressure to support a BYOD policy.

  19. 1 android mobile, 1 macbook pro

  20. Two Smart Phones, a Laptop and a Tablet. This is fairly typical of most our consultants!

  21. Usually a laptop, personal phone, and work phone, and occassionaly my iPad too (if I can squeeze into my bag when it is Gym day 🙂 )

  22. I only bring BlackBerry and my Laptop.

  23. 4 – 1 Laptop, 1 Android Smartphone, 1 Android Tablet, 1 iPad

  24. 3. MBP, iPad, iPhone.

  25. I carry a personal phone, a small business phone, a full-time employment phone, and an iPad. I also have an extra phone for miscellaneous usage.

  26. I usually have 1 sleek mobile phone for personal and family phone calls and sending SMS, plus 1 mobile phone for business calls, and 1 iPad for easy wifi access, entertainment, some data storage, file viewing.

  27. Laptop

  28. It varies between 1 and 3… Everyone carries a smartphone nowdays, maybe a laptop depending on the job… 3rd would depend on the situation

  29. 1 – mobile phone
    2 – laptop

  30. I usually have two laptop computers, two cellphones, my iPad, my iPod(which is ways in my bag) and my air access USB card.

  31. pc, two mobile phones

  32. 2 laptops, iPhone, iPad, and an android.

  33. I bring two devices in my office, my smartphone and my asus laptop.

  34. i think two mobiles phones with everyone is important becouse most of times one of our phones stop working and we need to make an argent call.

  35. 1 x iPhone 4s
    1 x iPad II
    1 x Blackberry Bold (Work Phone)
    1 x Dell Laptop (Work)
    Lots of cables!!! 😉

    • Hey Paul,

      Ok, I’d count from that 3 power cables (assuming the idevices can share) hope not too much else =D


      • Hi Lauren,

        Maybe just a couple extra… I carry a converter lead so I can use my iPad with an HDMI lead in Hotels and also I forgot about my iPad keyboard and another audio splitter lead so I can play at DJing over my portable speakers whilst I’m working away….

        Sheesh! I’m starting to convince myself I’ve got issues!! 😉


        • Hey Paul,

          Didn’t mean to stress you out! 🙂 A few months back I bought an i-device to USB cable that is basically the size of a slice of lemon and fits on my keychain. Get as many of those cables as you can in a keychain!

          Remember: You don’t have issues if you don’t admit it 😉


  36. I usually carry, 2 mobile phones and an iPad.

    • Hi Edrian,
      Do you carry the two phones because one is work and one is personal? Or do you have two for their data rates?

  37. Phone and laptop