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Part 2 of “A deeper dive into Cisco VXI finds Cisco WAAS”

October 27, 2011 - 0 Comments

Dateline Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.  Citrix Summit and Synergy, October 2011
Hi again,
Last post I said I’d get back to you to give you, at least, my opinion of why Citrix and Cisco are partnering up.  As you might have seen from the dateline above, it’s easy to find out when you get to Citrix Summit and Synergy.  It has to do with the global and ubiquitous Cisco networks deployed by organizations everywhere.  Citrix is doing great with XenApp (last I heard, well over 50,000,000 licenses) and is poised to do even better with XenDesktop.

I already talked about the ISR’s that our common customers already have, into which they can readily add one of several Cisco WAAS solutions.  Let’s go a step further and talk more about Cisco networks and Citrix protocols.  No one says it better than this blog post.  It’s the paragraph about 3rd-party routers that makes me smile: with the advent of Multi-Stream ICA (MSI), just about every Cisco IOS-based router in an organization using MSI can now provide comprehensive Quality of Service for HDX including ICA.

It is a pleasure to tell the visitors at our booth here at Synergy.  My favorite example so far:  Mats Anderson is a server and desktop application delivery architect for H&M. Today, our own Aaron Edwards, super-star tech marketing engineer, gave Mats the demo of WAAS optimizing Citrix XenDesktop on Cisco Virtual Experience Clients (VXC) and on iPad-2, both equipped with Citrix Receiver!

Mats Anderson from H&M and Aaron Edwards of Cisco

All smiles

Fast branch on left; slow branch on right

WAAS for Citrix

One more thing I got a kick out of:  I brought with me, in my luggage, one of the VXC’s. I panicked when I opened its outer box to put the unit, its keyboard, and mouse in my suitcase: no power supply! I texted my demo wizard, Andy Phillips, hey, do I have to drive down to Cisco bldg 17 to get the power supply? He replied…no worries on the power supply. It is PoE. It was nice not to pack a brick in my suitcase.

Cisco VXC 2200 offers PoE

No Brick Required

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