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One Plus One Equals What?

October 18, 2010 - 0 Comments

I was fascinated with genetics when I was young, and still to this day, I somewhat regret that I didn’t choose Life Sciences as my major. I was amazed in 2000 to see that a group of scientists under the Human Genome Project has completely sequenced genome – a full five years before the expected date of completion. This project was considered a mega project because the human genome has billions of base-pairs, and was carried out by geneticists in many countries.

How did they do it? I’d attribute the success to collaborative efforts and the power of AND, or one plus one is greater than two. It may be hard for me to explain the laws of math behind this equation to my second grader, but this is the power that drove the success of the Human Genome Project. Today, I want to share with you another great example of this power in-force: the Cisco EnergyWise Ecosystem Partnership.

Many of you have heard about Cisco EnergyWise technology. Cisco introduced this innovation to the market in January 2009. The idea is to harness the network as a platform to monitor, report, and manage energy consumptions of all devices connected to the network, resulting in a greater energy conservation and cost savings than the methodologies in the market at the time.

In the heart of Cisco EnergyWise vision lays the promise of going beyond PoE power management, or even IT power management. During the Borderless Networks launch on Oct 5th, Cisco fulfilled part of that promise by announcing the new partnership with five partners now, and 35 to come. Cisco can now enable more cost savings through our partnerships with industry leading smart power-distribution-unit manufacturers such as APC Schneider, CyberSwitching, Raritan, Server Technology and WTI as mentioned in this Borderless Networks announcement.

Cisco demonstrated the synergy of its EnergyWise Cisco Developer Network (CDN) partnership to deliver more cost savings to customers. By broadening the reach of EnergyWise to clientless devices such as printers, copy machines, and digital media displays, Cisco extends the capability of EnergyWise into the data center. To me this is a substantial achievement. Once again one plus one is much greater than two!  The EnergyWise partnership brings in greater benefits to customers than individual company alone.

To learn more about this partnership, watch the informative EnergyWise demonstration from Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior and Marie Hattar, Vice President of Borderless Networks Solutions Marketing. You will see the Cisco EnergyWise Ecosystem partnership in action in this short two minute video.

Finally I also found the podcast on Cisco Borderless Green Service recently released by Nick Lippis useful in articulating the customer benefits of Cisco EnergyWise. Laura Finkelstein, Senior Director of Cisco Borderless Networks Switching Marketing, sat down with Nick and went over the new Borderless Green Service, EnergyWise obviously is key to that discussion. Check it out and let me know what you think below!

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