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Customer Success in Accelerating Performance – How did an International Insurance Company use WAAS Effectively?

December 17, 2010 - 6 Comments

National Insurance Company Limited of India (NIC) delivers near real-time performance for its core applications to remote offices with Cisco’s Wide Area Application Service (WAAS).

National Insurance Company (NIC) Limited has many users across over 1,000 branches throughout India. These branches connect to their main data center using a decentralized network model that links remote offices using a mix of 64 Kbps and 128 Kbps connections.  Under this model, NIC’s remote offices were facing slower application processing due to high WAN latency, heavy network traffic, and increasing transactions, among other factors.

NIC Deputy General Manager (IT), Mr. D. K. Sinha knew that they needed to do something different to boost application performance to cater for their new core insurance application (CIA).  Their users were experiencing slow network performance, even with applications such as Lotus Notes; moreover, the bandwidth upgrade at remote locations came with a heavy price tag.  In conclusion, NIC needed a new network solution to accelerate applications, cut branch infrastructure costs, and simplify remote data protection.

Cisco WAAS was introduced to NIC as the solution that can satisfy both HQ and remote office application requirements on the current infrastructure, without compromising security, while meeting their core insurance application (CIA) requirements.

Using WAAS, NIC initially tested their data transfer scenarios on WAN links with bandwidths of 64 Kbps and 124 Kbps from its remote offices. Employees at these remote localities who were users of Lotus Notes, Microsoft, and Oracle 11i reported that overall application access speed and performance had indeed improved. “The goal of the onsite tests was to gauge how the new network solution improves transactional performance and quickens the data transfer rate between the centralized data center at HQ and our branch operations. Cisco WAAS was able to boost network performance significantly. We were very pleased with the results,” said Mr. Sinha.

To learn more about the details of NIC deployment and success with WAAS, please go to “National Insurance Provider Boosts Application Performance for their Remote offices.”

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  1. This is a nice initiative to optimise cost by any PSU Insurance company in India

  2. Hi,

    When implemented in 2007, NIC’s NAC deployment was also the biggest in India. The solution was fine-tuned with a lot of feedback from NIC. So where is the crowing about by Cisco on NIC’s NAC or a whitepaper on the same?

    • Thank you for the input. I represent the Application Delivery side of the technology deployment at NIC. However, I will address this to the security team in Cisco who covered the deployment and marketing involvement for NAC.

  3. Its not National Insurance Corporation, its National Insurance Company Limited.