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Meet the Cisco I-Prize finalists! Team Tigers

June 18, 2010 - 0 Comments

Traffic management innovation for congested cities


Team name: Team Tigers

Team country: Bulgaria

Team members: Three

Idea goal: To reduce traffic congestion and carbon monoxide emissions

Claim to fame: Innovators by weekday, mountain bikers by weekend


Team Tiger’s Cisco I-Prize submission, connects all traffic systems over an IP network to reduce traffic jams and carbon monoxide emissions.


Like many great ideas, Team Tigers’ Cisco I-Prize submission originated when team captain Boris Georgiev took a current area of frustration and thought of ways to make it better.

“Our idea is to connect over an IP network all the traffic systems – traffic lights, traffic signs, surveillance cameras, speed radars, weather and road surface condition sensors — and bring the data to a centralized control center, where the information can be processed and correlated real time with other information collected from different sources within the traffic network,” Georgiev explained.

This dynamic exchange of information between cars, drivers and the traffic system will result in more efficient traffic patterns, decreasing time spent in traffic jams and reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

Weather and road surface sensors can alert a driver of inclement weather, for example, and advise drivers to decrease speed or consider an alternate route.

“We should bring this interactivity within the traffic network and infrastructure itself – we can control traffic in a much smarter way – we have the technology, we just have to do it, and will save thousand lives and will optimize the way we utilize our roads,” Georgiev said.

One of the most rewarding aspects of participating in the competition for Georgiev has been interacting with other participants in the Cisco I-Prize community to share ideas and discuss how to make them better.

Upon receiving word that his idea made the semi-finals, Georgiev decided to enlist long-time friends Mari Ahegukian and Mihail Zagorski to help take his idea to the next level.

The team says they could spend hours brainstorming, but also take breaks to enjoy mountain biking together.

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