Medianet Readiness Assessment: Is your network ready for medianet?

February 22, 2011 - 0 Comments

Video applications such as telepresence, desktop video conferencing, video surveillance, digital signage and WebEx have become an essential part of the enterprise work environment, greatly improving efficiency and productivity in organizations.

Enterprise network IT operators are adding more and more of these applications on their IP network. Due to the nature of video traffic, these applications exert more demand on the existing IP network. If a network is not capable of handling these applications, then the application performance will degrade, resulting in a frustrating user experience. In this situation most of the network operators will tend to solve this problem by adding more bandwidth and capacity into the network, but that may not always solve this problem. 

The Cisco Medianet Readiness Assessment Service(MRA) is intended for network operators to determine a clear migration path to a medianet ready network.  The MRA will scan an enterprise network and collect the inventory of current devices, the hardware, software versions and configuration. Then the network operator is asked about what types of medianet applications they want to enable in the network.

Based on the collected inventory about the network and information about application types to be deployed, the MRA will analyze if the current network is capable of supporting these applications.  If the network isn’t capable, it will suggest a migration path for the network, which includes a) hardware migration options, b) software migration option and c) configuration changes needed.

The MRA report will have detailed information about what devices are not medianet ready and the migration path including both hardware and software. For medianet ready hardware and software elements, configuration changes to leverage medianet capabilities are suggested. 

With the help of the MRA service, network operators have an easy way of assessing state of their network and a clear migration path towards a medianet to support multi-media applications.

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