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Medianet QoS Design – New Technical Collateral

The explosion of media traffic and video applications calls for a foundation network that is ready to provide intelligent priority-based services for them, and one cannot agree more with the paramount role of QoS in deployment of medianets. QoS Technologies have traditionally helped administrators exert control over network behavior with differential treatment of various traffic classes, and this becomes a much more compelling requirement in today’s landscape with a lot of low latency and delay sensitive traffic consuming a big part of the total available bandwidth pool.

Many of you would nod in agreement when we talk about the complexities involved in QoS deployment. The complexities stem from a plethora of reasons: platform inconsistencies in provisioning and feature sets, divergent hardware capabilities across product lines, lack of a centric management application to provision and manage QoS etc.

In order to alleviate these pain points, we have the pleasure of introducing a series of QoS-Simplified AAGs (At-A-Glance) documents especially as an aid to expedite Medianet QoS deployments. The goal of this AAG series is to drive QoS Simplification, enable an administrator to understand and configure campus QoS features like Trust, Per-Port/Per-VLAN support, ingress/egress QoS features and Auto QoS, use QoS effectively in WAN/VPN deployments and to provide a CLI quick start guide for beach head platforms like cat3k, cat4k, cat6k, ISR and ASR1k.

So, in about 5 minutes, an administrator can learn the Cisco Validated Design recommendations for a given platform in a Medianet infrastructure role, as well as have the full configuration for deployment (on the reverse side of the 2 page document). One less excuse for not deploying QoS for optimizing performance of media traffic in the network 🙂

The list of Medianet QoS Design At-A-Glance guides include:

•              Medianet QoS Design Strategy At-A-Glance

•              Medianet Campus QoS Design At-A-Glance

•              Medianet Campus AutoQoS At-A-Glance

•              Medianet Campus Cisco Catalyst 3560/3750 QoS Design At-A-Glance

•              Medianet Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 6-E/7-EQoS Design

•              Medianet Campus Cisco Catalyst 6500 QoS Design At-A-Glance

•              Medianet WAN/VPN QoS Design At-A-Glance

•              Medianet WAN Aggregation Cisco ASR 1000 QoS Design At-A-Glance

•              Medianet Branch Cisco ISR G2 QoS Design At-A-Glance

These documents are accessible from this central launch page:

We are looking forward to any feedback that can assist you better with QoS simplification.

Happy QoS Deployments! 🙂

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