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The medianet demo at NYC Interop 2010

Pervasive Video over the network is a topic that we’re hearing a lot about these days, with the recent Cisco launch, as well as stats being thrown around about the number of hexabites that video is consuming according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI).  But where is the proof of this? And how do I deploy and maintain all this video?

Here is one way.  In case you missed last week’s Interop IT Conference and Expo in NY, on Oct. 20 and 21st, 2010, the Cisco Medianet team presented a very cool demonstration highlighting current medianet technologies: IP SLA Video Operation, and Auto Smartports were on exhibition. These technologies help organizations deploy rich media services to:
•    Accelerate and ease video application deployments
•    Assist in validation of rich media service quality
•    Diagnose video issues and reduce time to resolution of problems

IP SLA Video Operation functions as a valuable tool to assess the readiness of a network carrying rich media traffic. It has the ability to use synthetically generated video profiles mimicking real endpoint traffic, for e.g. Telepresence, IP video surveillance and IPTV.  IP SLA VO can also work off of a captured packet trace of user traffic at a customer’s premises to synthetically generate matching traffic. IP SLA VO can also be used to run readiness tests prior to important collaboration meetings to test the network; and troubleshoot such a failing network.

Figure: IP SLA VO Topology Validation. The network is ready for video!

Auto configuration of video endpoints, like IP surveillance cameras, can expedite their deployment by reducing time and cost. Auto Smartports provides Cisco switches the ability to detect presence of such video endpoints and apply recommended settings to  switch ports. Auto Smartports configures access and voice VLANs to place the endpoints in appropriate subnets and also applies recommended QoS settings using  AutoQoS.   For a demonstration of Auto Configuration visit here:

These technologies are steps to enhance and optimize the network performance for video using Cisco Networking Capabilities for Medianet.  For more details, visit

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