Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops – The First PCs to Support Cisco EnergyWise

June 29, 2011 - 3 Comments

Cisco EnergyWise is the central nervous system for enterprise energy management. Many of you have heard of this innovation. The unique network intelligence allows for monitoring, control and reporting of energy usage for IP-enabled end devices, helping to reduce energy consumption.  More significant cost savings come with the joint Cisco and partner energy management solutions.

Cisco EnergyWise partnerships are growing rapidly.  The total number of device and application partners has increased 8x since Q2 of 2010, and now it is 80+ strong! This allows customers to take advantage of broad selections of solutions to build a true EnergyWise enterprise.

Lenovo ThinkPad is the latest to join the EnergyWise eco-system family.  Today Lenovo and Cisco announced a joint solution to manage PC power usage. With EnergyWise being natively supported, Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops become the first PCs on the market that can help to reduce energy consumption without any additional costs to customers.

Using the combination of Lenovo EnergyWise support and the Cisco EnergyWise-enabled network, customers can set dynamic power policies that enable them to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions when equipment is not in use.  For example, an IT administrator from one centralized point of control is able to place a ThinkPad laptop into sleep, hibernation and shutdown modes.  This helps to make the network a unified control plane that enables power management across different organizations.

What will really make the IT managers excited about the solution are the outstanding customer benefits of Lenovo’s integration. It is an agentless solution – much easier to deploy and less costly too! The accurate metrics, particularly compared to other agentless designs, provide improved visibility and control to customers.  Thanks to EnergyWise support on every Catalyst switch, the infrastructure is widely available and customers can immediately benefit from the solution. Lastly, customers save real money and it is free!

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  1. Is there a place where I can find how it saves the energy , For example, Lenovo Laptop inside the enterprise and also Remote login from Home etc …kind of scenarios.

    A detailed list of features set available with this solution?

  2. nice….I think that it is also good for the environment 🙂 I hope that many producers want to join.

  3. The Cisco EnergyWise is a welcome product and concept. Many companies want to go green to help preserve the environment but they find themselves in a fix because going green has for a long time been traditionally confined to solar energy and recycling. I believe Cisco takes the concept further with the ENERGYWISE. Here, going green becomes inherent and passive – embedded right into the products companies use on daily basis.