It’s 9 o’clock. Do you know how your media applications are performing?

January 18, 2011 - 1 Comment

Enterprises have reported upward increases in bandwidth requirements due to video applications which stem from several sources:

  • Video applications move from standard to high definition resolutions.
  • New applications are coming online.
  • Number of video endpoints is increasing.
  • Utilization of video is increasing due to improved quality and easier user experience.
  • More video applications are moving to the converged IP network.

All of these are driving increases in bandwidth requirements. As video is deployed on your network, evaluate your bandwidth, but do not stop there. Other important topics are management tools and services in the network for ease of configuration and quality of service guarantees for applications. These tools and services need to be able to:

  • Correlate communication sessions that are multimodal (data, voice, video) or involve multiple end users.
  • Locate the network path, collecting node statistics and data related to the performance of media streams.
  • Support for planning efforts. First, evaluate the system for its ability to provide historical data for planning purposes. Second, look for capabilities that enable the system to proactively evaluate the readiness of the network.

Conclusions driving recent developments:

  • To successfully manage media applications the network, media applications, endpoints, and management suites must be integrated to provide the necessary level of instrumentation.
  • Visibility into media application traffic and easy access to this information are needed to deliver on policy, capacity and resource planning.
  • Tools must increase the ease and speed up obtaining data for troubleshooting.
  • Tools should allow pre-validation of the network for its ability to handle additional load.

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  1. Flexible NetFlow provides excellent visibility into Medianet applications, including latency, jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth usage, by source, conversation, etc. EMA is providing an excellent webinar on this on January 27th, including why NetFlow is now a must have: