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Is Your Network Excited for VMWorld?

August 24, 2012 - 2 Comments

This is your color-coded guide to VMworld, for the network 

Sure, there will be a lot of datacenter-focused people at VMWorld.  However, if you care about all the exciting things happening in datacenters, you should alao care about what happens once you get beyond the data center.  Here is your short guide to finding talks, breakout sessions, and demonstrations on some of the network technologies you might want to know about.

Still not convinced? Well, how many applications have you moved to the cloud?  And of those, how many are being used in branch offices and how are you securing them? Are your branch office employees able to get the same experience with those applications as those at the home office? If the answer isn’t “heck yeah!” then you might want to head to our Cisco booth and ask to see the demo on the Cloud Services Router (CSR 1000V) – Cisco’s first virtual router.

Likewise, if you’re forced to deploy some applications at branches, how cost effective it that?  And if you’re hosting all your apps at headquarters, how reliable is application access for your branch office users? If you visit the Cisco booth (#1213) and ask about the UCS-E demo (AKA Secure, Efficient Branch-to-Cloud Access) you can learn how businesses can extend virtualized cloud applications to all their remote sites.

Below is the color-coded layout of your week.  The Solutions Exchange  is the vendor hall where you can look around, pick up some swag, and see our solutions in action at Cisco booth 1213. Breakout Sessions are talks happening across Moscone center and are about an hour long each.  Finally, the Theater Talks are held at the Cisco booth, are each 15 minutes, and you can actually win a $50 Amex gift card (1 per session being given out).  Overviews of the theater talks and breakout sessions are under the guide grid:

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday  
10 Wake up! It’s time to head to VMWorld! Solutions Exchange 10:30am – 6:00pm Cisco Booth #1213 Did you remember breakfast?Solutions Exchange 10:30am – 6:00pm Cisco Booth #1213   Breakout Session 10:30 – 11:30am Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3022 Cisco Unified Computing System Advantage for Virtualized Environments Solutions Exchange 10:30am – 5:00pm Cisco Booth #1213  
11   Theater Talk 11:00 – 11:15am Cisco Booth #1213 Using the CSR1000V to Build Hybrid Clouds  
12   Theater Talk 12:00 – 12:15pm Cisco Booth #1213 Cisco UCS-E as a Virtualization Platform for the Branch Office (Don’t forget to eat lunch)  
1   Why not check out a demo at the Cisco booth? Why not check out a demo at the Cisco booth?  
2   Theater Talk 2:00 – 2:15pm Cisco Booth #1213 Maintaining Application Performance with VDI in the Branch Office Why not check out a demo at the Cisco booth?  
3   Breakout Session 3:00-4:00pm Moscone South, Lower Level, Room 103: Cisco’s Unified Data Center Architecture: Innovations for a World of Many Clouds  
Breakout Session 2:30 – 3:30pm Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3007: A Healthcare Provider’s Perspectives on Going Beyond VDI with Unified Workspaces  
4 Solutions Exchange 4:00 – 7:00pm Cisco Booth #1213   Hall Crawl! 4:30 – 6:00 PM @ Cisco’s Booth #1213  
6 Parties or sleep or work? Parties or sleep or work?  Parties or sleep or work? or? Go home!  

Using the CSR1000V to Build Hybrid Clouds – Monday 11 a.m.

Find out how Cisco’s first virtual router breaks down the barriers for public cloud adoption, and enables customers to lower costs and gain efficiency. In this presentation, we provide an overview of the solution which can be hosted on VMware ESX Hypervisor, and how IT can seamlessly extend their private network to the public cloud with the visibility, security and control required. In addition, we review business uses cases supported, including cloud bursting, secure VPN gateway, data center to cloud IP mobility and traffic control.

Cisco UCS-E as a Virtualization Platform for the Branch Office –Monday 12 p.m.

Learn how Cisco Unified Computing System E-Series (UCS-E) with VMware vSphere brings significant server power to the remote offices on the ISRG2, allowing IT to easily monitor and manage, and provide clear segmentation of roles between the network and server teams. Find out how retail stores, bank offices, health clinics and other organizations can support mission critical applications and WAN failover. Businesses no longer need to compromise between cost efficiency of centralization and the reliability of mission critical applications — now they can have it all.

Maintaining Application Performance with VDI in the Branch Office – Monday 2 p.m.

As enterprises gain experience with VDI deployed in their core enterprise locations, introduction of VDI into their branch office locations seems to be the next logical step.  These locations do not have on-site support personnel making it difficult to update PCs and troubleshoot problems making VDI an excellent technology to solve these problems.  However, there are challenges that need to be addressed when considering VDI for ROBO.  Some essential applications need to run locally due to WAN performance, survivability or compliance requirements. One option to consider is running VDI on servers located in the branch office to achieve optimal performance while lowering, equipment and operating costs.


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