Introducing Cisco EnergyWise Finder

June 14, 2012 - 0 Comments

On June 13 at Cisco Live 2012 San Diego, the Cisco Unified Access team announced Cisco EnergyWise Finder, a new patent-pending feature built into the Cisco EnergyWise protocol that allows you to find the power source of Cisco devices and EnergyWise-capable endpoints.

Hold on… So, what is Cisco EnergyWise?

I get this question often, and so although rehearsed this is what I say: Cisco EnergyWise is an energy management protocol based on Cisco IOS Software for monitoring, controlling, and reporting the energy use of information technology devices. EnergyWise combined with Cisco devices and an ecosystem of partner devices turns your network into a control plane for energy management. With certain building management system partners you can even extend this control plane to facilities and non-IT devices.

Ok, now that you understand Cisco EnergyWise, what is EnergyWise Finder and why is it important?

All the leading power distribution unit (PDU) vendors are Cisco Energywise-compliant. EnergyWise Finder now extends this even further with EnergyWise-capable electrical outlets and meters that will communicate over your Cisco network to discover the power source of other EnergyWise-capable devices. Cisco in conjunction with Western Telematic Inc.-WTI will be demonstrating the first ever power source discovery over IP that does not require serial connections or power line communication – just your existing network.

Why is this important to you?

  • No extra serial connections are needed
  • No power line communication is needed
  • Real-time management of power topology doesn’t rely on manual discovery
  • Helps prevent outages by knowing the exact power source of devices
  • EnergyWise knows where your devices are powered

One of the challenges of managing network and facilities devices is knowing the power source of the devices. If your devices are moved or simply unplugged and moved to a different outlet your management records can get out of date. With Cisco EnergyWise Finder you can be sure of the exact power source of your devices, avoid outages, and maintain good records.

How It Works

EnergyWise devices in your network are organized into a communications domain. Device or management applications that want to find the source of power, or the metering source of devices, can broadcast that they are looking for their power source. Cisco EnergyWise capable outlets and meters will respond when they detect  the device. Simply bring your own device to a Cisco EnergyWise-configured network and find the source of power.

Look for the Cisco EnergyWise Finder demonstration at the EnergyWise Pavilion at Cisco Live 2012 San Diego and in applications and devices starting in 2013.

For more information about Cisco EnergyWise:

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