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Interop Las Vegas 2012: Two Big Things To Know about Cisco Switching

April 30, 2012 - 0 Comments

Interop Las Vegas is next week. Over 100 sessions will take place, covering a wide range of IT challenges led by cloud, mobility and security. Padmasree Warrior, CTO, SVP Engineering & GM Enterprise Business  of Cisco, will deliver the first conference keynote speech titled “Cisco Innovation: In It to Win It” on Tuesday May 8. What else can you expect from Cisco, specifically from Cisco switching?

Before I get to that, I’ll share with you a recent conversation that I had with a Cisco customer.

Steven Song: We are collecting customer feedback on Cisco switching.
Cisco customer: Sure.
Steven Song: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, how do you rank Cisco switching?
Cisco customer: 6.
Steven Song: Can you please explain?
Cisco customer: Cisco switches are extremely stable. I put them in and they just run and run. They perform way beyond my expectations. I can do a lot of things with them, like segmenting the  networks for different user groups and controlling which business applications get higher priorities.

As this customer described, Cisco has built  the switches to last and to perform with the highest level of engineering excellence. When you deploy Cisco switches, you get two big things that you won’t find elsewhere:
– Rock solid network foundation
– Rich and intelligent network services

The Cisco network foundation gives you the scale, performance and resiliency that you need as cloud and mobility move more and more workloads and data traffic around your network. For example, are you thinking about Gigabit Wi-Fi or 802.11ac yet? All that traffic will come to your network for you to manage and support. Cisco switching can help you prepare for the exponential growth ahead of you.

The Cisco network services include security, application optimization and smart operations. These services provide you with tools and capabilities such as Cisco TrustSec, Medianet and Flexible Netflow. With them you get more information and visibility about what’s happening on your network. You can better support critical business applications and achieve much improved operational efficiency.

Drop by our Interop Cisco booth (#1127) to see the following switching technologies and to test drive the live demos:
– Campus Access: Catalyst 3750-X and 4500E Series Switches
– Campus Backbone: Catalyst 6500 and 4500-X Series Switches
– Network Virtualization: Multiple logical networks on a single physical infrastructure with Easy Virtual Networks (EVN)
– Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet (Cisco UPOETM): 60 Watt power
– Medianet: Simplified video deployments

Cisco is executing on a bold plan to help you succeed as mobility, cloud and collaborations are changing the IT landscape. Your network enables you to meet your user expectations and to keep your business moving forward.

 See you at the show!

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