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Interesting blogs from 2008, and a warm welcome to 2009!

January 1, 2009 - 1 Comment

First, a very happy New Year to all of you! I hope everybody got a chance to spend some well deserved time with your families and have some good ol’ holiday fun. As we bid goodbye to 2008 (phew!) and welcome 2009, presumably a harbinger of renewed hope.I wanted to thank all the tech enthusiasts, geeks, analysts and media personnel who have thus far covered the Cisco Developer contest and other innovations from the Cisco stable.In particular I’d like to thank the bloggers who’ve helped with the social media outreach and stimulated discussions within their communities (see the Slashdot blog below). One of the purposes of this contest is to facilitate two-way interaction, and nothing personifies that better than some spicy blogging. These outreaches have certainly given us fresh perspective. We were fortunate to get some great blog coverage so far, and I wanted to share a few originals we came across that were particulary interesting. Five cool blogs (in no particular order):#1) The VAR guy blogged that Cisco offers $100,000 bounty to Linux Application Developers. I thought the $100K bill that the VAR Guy put out was a pretty cool visual.image#2) Brian Proffitt’s blog on the Linux foundation site, captured the contest info. quite succinctly. Brian actually reached out to me and turned out this great blog after a short conversation. I was very impressed with the turnaround time and the grasp that Brian had on technology aspects. BTW, Brian also did another blog before he talked to me, based on The VAR guy’s blog and that was great stuff too.#3) Dana Blankenhorn’s ZDnet blog had a provocative title, but covered our contest well in the body. I do think in this age of information overload, sensationalism in the right tone sells, and shows good marketing acumen.#4) Speaking of provocative titles, we came across CNET blogger Matt Asay’s post, derived from The VAR guy’s blog with some modifications to the 100K dollar bill. May I say – Matt could have a few surprises in store for him in 2009 :-)#5) Perhaps the blog with the most spirited discussions is the one from Soulskill on Slashdot from April 2008, when we launched AXP. Thanks to Rick Espinoza from Sourceforge for sharing this. While not directly related to the contest, it is nevertheless quite relevant. I enjoyed reading it.Got more good blog stuff on this? Please send them our way.May you have an awesome 2009!

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  1. Amanda McPherson thinks it’s open season for Linux contests. Is Linux getting a boost because of Cisco? Or is it the other way around?