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How to Unleash the Potential in your Network

October 19, 2012 - 0 Comments

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in getting more out of your network.  You have most likely made a huge investment in your network, but you simply aren’t getting the payback you had been expecting.  How can Cisco help in this regard? That’s just one of the many concepts we will be covering in our webinar October 24: Get Your Network Ready for BYOD, Video, and Cloud with Cisco Unified Access!

It all starts with management, for which Cisco has two key priorities:

  • (a) Convergence
  • (b) Enabling features and instrumentations inherent Cisco devices

The Path to Convergence

Many customers today have, over the years, accumulated multiple disparate tools to manage various aspects of their network.  For instance, one tool for monitoring, another tool for performance visibility, a third tool for configuration management, etc.  

Managing and supporting these various tools can lead to productivity loss, which effectively moves the priorities and focus of the IT organization away from strategic initiatives for the organization.  When would a network manager have the time to consider how advanced IOS features could be used by IT organizations to drive operational efficiencies through network automation, when all of their time is being sucked up by having to manage multiple, fragmented network management systems.  

Cisco Prime allows IT organizations to drive productivity by converging many functions into a single pane of glass. Converging wired and wireless functions, including reactive/proactive monitoring, configuration management, software image management for device management as well as end-to-end visibility across the network, including applications, services and end-users, under one management, Cisco Prime simplifies the network management process and returns IT to its proper seat at the table to help the greater organization make business decisions.  

Unleashing the Potential in your Network

Once you have a single pane of glass to manage your network, the next logical step would be to start leveraging the many underlying features and instrumentations in IOS to automate repetitive tasks. An added benefit of turning on these integrated features is increased visibility and control of what’s connected to your network, right down to client-specific application response time.    

In order to help our customers get more out of their network, the Cisco Prime team prioritizes enablement of Cisco’s key architectures and transitions, including Borderless Network, Collaboration, Unified Access and even BYOD, for seamless integration with Prime in the network.     

Here are just a few of the things we’ll discuss in the webinar about Cisco Prime::

  1. Automated network assessment and configuration of Borderless Networking technologies such as Medianet, EnergyWise, TrustSec, Auto Smartports, and Smart Install (up to 90% reduction in time to deploy BN technologies)
  2. Turn on advanced IOS features such as Embedded Event Manager, IPSLA and others throughout the network in a blink of an eye and leverage advanced wireless features such as CleanAir and others in order to deliver more robust and reliable wireless services
  3. Turn on many advanced instrumentations, such as netflow, flexible netflow, Application Visibility & Control, NBAR, Medianet, and gain end-to-end visibility down to applications, services and end-users – and you don’t need to be experts in AVC and NBAR in order to do this.  As with the Borderless Network technologies, Cisco Prime helps to abstract the complexity involved in accomplishing this.  Best of all, you can leverage Cisco Prime’s embedded intelligence in terms of normalizing, correlating and aggregating the various data sources in a way that makes sense for you!
  4. Smart Interactions, allowing you to resolve network issues quickly (e.g., open TAC cases, search the Cisco support community and view all outstanding TAC cases contextually from within Cisco Prime).  Let’s face it, if you have network issues, the last thing you want to do is waste time.  Smart Interactions allows you to turn your focus on where it needs to be, on resolving the problems.  
  5. Robust inventory reports with differentiated reports highlighting devices impacted by EoX and PSIRTs, giving you visibility over the state of your network
  6. Out-of-the-box compliance rules/policies for common regulatory standards such as PCI, HIPAA, etc., including automated remediation based on best practices that Cisco has accumulated over the years

Tune in to our webinar Wednesday Oct 24 to learn more about how Cisco Prime can help you unleash the full potential in your network.  You can register today.



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