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How To Prepare For The New Holiday, BYODday

October 22, 2012 - 0 Comments

On my way to the airport this last week I heard about a new study that came out finding over half of all Americans now carry a tablet or smartphone. This little stat reminded me of the second scariest holidays of the year, after Halloween, of course.

With the approach of Halloween we can start getting ready (at least in some countries) for running the five month holiday gauntlet.  With Halloween we can get giddy on candy and fright, for Thanksgiving we can stuff ourselves with family and food, and this is all preparation for the biggest consumptive month of December stuffed with Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s (and other holidays I haven’t thought of) and we’re afflicted with the fever of conspicuous giving.  In January many get a rest as they reset, try new diet and exercise programs, and then gear up for Valentines.  However, IT folks get a very special January holiday, Byodday. 

While it may not be set on too many calendars, Byodday is that special time of year when masses of people go back to work after holidays and try to use the loot of their most recent consumptive exchanges on company networks.  Actualization of the (tacky) car commercials with the big red bow on x-mas morning may still be rare, but giving the gift of Nooks, iPads, iPhones, and Androids is becoming more common.  Last year, Pew research noted ownership of tablets and e-readers doubled between December 2011and January 2012. And while all may not end up in offices, a great many will.  If the sound of December is sleigh bells ringing, the sound of January is VPs asking why they can’t use their new toy for the office.  For some, this can be a scary sound to hear.

So how does one prepare for Byodday, the least jolly holiday of the year? Much like those crazy folks who’ve already finished holiday shopping in October (you know who you are), a successful Byodday requires strategy, careful planning, and organized execution. It just so happens that we have a road shows that can help.  This one-day roaming event is dedicated to not only handling wireless access you need for the mobile devices we all know and love, but also the core networking infrastructure you need behind the APs for a successful BYOD strategy. It’s called “Is Your Network Ready for BYOD?” 

If you’re not sure if you should register for the Is Your Network Ready for BYOD? Roadshow, here are signs it might be right for you:

  • Do you manage your organization’s network?
  • Are you concerned about how BYOD will impact the security of your network?
  • Are you responsible for network strategy at your organization?
  • Are you a technical stakeholder in network deployments for BYOD collaboration or cloud/virtualization projects?
  • Do you fear January?

For anyone wanting to get a jump on the holidays, Byodday in particular, register now!  (Or check out the *beautiful* map I’ve put together below.)


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