How Can I.T. Free Up Resources For New Projects with Cisco Catalyst SmartOperations?

February 16, 2012 - 0 Comments

This is the fourth and final blog in a series of campus switching innovation blogs that share our recent switching launch news from Cisco Live London.

How many times have you heard that IT cannot take on as many new projects as they would like to because their resources are tied up to keep the house running? That IT could do much more to drive business growth only if they had more resources?

We announced a number of innovations at Cisco Live London earlier this month, including Cisco Catalyst SmartOperations – a suite of about a dozen tools that offer built-in intelligence on Cisco Catalyst switches for easing many challenges faced by network administrators in their day-to-day tasks. And because most of the tools are included in the base software image, they deliver productivity savings without adding cost!

Cisco Catalyst SmartOperations can ease planning with tools such as Flexible NetFlow that can identify top talkers and characterize traffic patterns over time. It can also speed up deployment with Smart Install and Auto Smartports. There are multiple capabilities for monitoring and troubleshooting, including Mediatrace that delivers automated, hop-by-hop troubleshooting of video streams. A majority of these capabilities are available only on Cisco platforms. This short video summarizes what else SmartOperations can do for you.

All this built-in intelligence and automation can free up valuable IT resources to focus on new projects that can help drive the business forward.

How much do you exactly save with all these tools? Well, your savings will vary based on your use-case. You can start to get an idea of the savings by checking out this study conducted by Forrester on the Total Economic Impact of Cisco Catalyst Access Switches. The study shows that on average, Cisco Catalyst Access Switches offer 14% lower TCO than “good enough” switches, and about a quarter of these savings are driven by SmartOperations. We also have a SmartOperations Solutions Guide that gives you more details about the tools, and also describes typical use-cases.

Do you think you can use some of the SmartOperations tools in your network today?

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