Good, Fast, or Cheap – Pick Any Two

January 12, 2011 - 1 Comment

There’s an old saying, “Good, Fast, or Cheap – Pick Any Two” that I’ve liked for years. It still generally holds true for those of us who can work with our hands. When I’m not helping Cisco expand its wireless universe, I like to work with my hands.

I’m actually pretty good at it, I’ve installed hardwood, tile, and marble floors and showers in our house, recently remodeled one of our bathrooms after ripping the previous one out right down to the studs and concrete pad. I can build a pretty mean V8 engine, and most things you’d see in a house or small business by hand.

The problem is I’m slow. Really slow. Like, measure three times before I cut once kind of slow. I doubt I’d last even a week as a professional contractor because of this. So, the tag line “Good, Fast, or Cheap” applies pretty well to me.

“Learn the rules well,” said the Dalai Llama, “so you know how to break them effectively.” I’d have to borrow this wisdom respectfully, if I may, regarding SBA and “Good, Fast, or Cheap.”

The primary rationale behind SBA is to accelerate engineering. Specifically, it allows engineers to move far deeper into realms historically outside their expertise. It allows them to do something new quite well, much faster, and far less expensively than the training and experience required to become an expert in a new technical field.

A voice engineer can therefore, add a WLAN to his voice network. A collaboration expert can now include multiple layers of security onto a deployment. Good, Fast AND cheap.

The new generation of documentation and exposure to a hands on lab allows this to happen. That’s pretty cool.

Good, Fast AND Cheap. You can now pick all three with SBA. See more at

Full speed ahead.

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  1. Nice to not have to make a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ when it comes to architectural planning and deployment.