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Friday Poll: Have You Gone Rogue at Work?

August 10, 2012 - 8 Comments
Has this guy gone rogue?

Has this guy gone rogue?

A recently published report by Rackspace found 43% of IT Decision makers knew of people within their company who had used cloud services outside of their IT department’s purview. Meanwhile, PricewaterhouseCoopers recently estimated that between 15% and 30% of IT spending occurs outside the IT department’s budget.  PwC called this behavior, ‘Shadow IT’ while the Rackspace report calls it, ‘Rogue IT’. Whatever you call it, employees are feeling empowered to think outside their IT box.  When they need to get something done and the provided resources don’t meet their needs employees are finding ways to get it.

This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but the numbers of IT who know and the budget estimations are interesting to note.  Of course, I got to wondering about our readers. This week’s poll is simple – have you gone rogue with your IT?*

While Shadow IT may provide benefits of getting the right capability at the right time (such as buying computing power from an outside vendor for one-off tasks,) or getting a capability a business may not provide its employees (such as using an outside file sharing service for larger files,) it can also create problems. Aside from security issues, there is the issue of not fully accounting for the extra IT a company actually needs.  PwC put it in terms of budgets –  15-30%  of IT coming from outside budget- while former UK government deputy CIO Bill McCluggage put it another way:

“Athletes don’t run down the track without being timed. There should be metrics in government around the price of compute power, the speed at which you can spin up VMs [Virtual Machines], the overall IT cost per employee.”

So, have you taken a run without timing? Have you used outside resources, outside of your official company offerings? Have you gone rogue with IT?

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If you have used outside IT resources, how was that received by your company? Did you get a pat on the back or stern reminder of policies? Also, what’s driven you to go rogue with your IT? Needed to send a large doc? Wanted some extra computing power?

*I have to admit – I may have rogue just last weekend. Needed to send my boss something but was on a family trip w/o VPN access.  I may have used an outside email program after weighing the relative cost (low) of my info getting out.  Shhh!

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  1. I work for Cisco. Should I answer honestly? 😉

  2. I must shift the file of half a giga of bytes I use a external host computer to serve, which oppose we policy I guess me to be kind too.

  3. Interesting insight. In modern day IT and Network Engineering world, which is continually changing, it is virtually impossible to be productive and remain focussed with positive motivation without thinking “out of company’s IT box”. Whether the resources sought and used are open source or third party licensed product, it is a reality of life that such actions are impossible to live without.