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Enabling a Scalable Cloud-Based Model with Cisco WAAS

June 6, 2012 - 0 Comments

On my recent road trip from Vancouver to Whistler Village, I was stunned by the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia. Its lush green trees, majestic waterfront fjord, and picturesque hill tops could easily be mistaken as oil paintings by Claude Monet. Along the drive up the Sea-to-Sky Highway, I stopped at a fast food vendor for a quick budget meal only to be captivated by a million dollar view – see my photo on the right.

As I gazed from the rigid mountain top and snowy peaks to the clusters of cumulus clouds floating serenely above, it reminded me of our upcoming launch in San Diego and solutions that Cisco will introduce to enable the world of many clouds.

Last November, Cisco Global Cloud Index forecasted “greater than 50% of all workloads will be processed in the cloud by 2014.” Over one-third of data center traffic, as highlighted in the report, will be cloud based. As a result, download and upload speeds as well as latencies are vital measures to assess network capabilities for cloud readiness.

In a recent Global Cloud Networking Survey conducted by Cisco with more than 1,300 IT professionals, 37% of the respondents cited “a cloud-ready network” as the biggest element in designing an infrastructure for cloud deployments. And from my previous post Journey to Cisco Live San Diego, we identified the key requirements a cloud delivery solution must address. Today, we’ll explore how the Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) portfolio can help achieve a scalable cloud-based model.

From Beyond the Hypervisor: A Holistic Approach to Developing Next-Generation Data Center Architecture white paper, we learned that the end goals for architecting such infrastructure are increased agility, higher efficiency, and improved resiliency. So, let’s start with agility.

Agility – Cisco AppNav, the winner of Best of Interop: Performance Optimization Award, provides the virtualization platform to expand or contract WAN optimization resources in the data center. AppNav can pool WAN opt resources (physical, virtual, or a mix of both) into one elastic pool, and then distribute capacity to specific applications, geographies or cloud based on business requirements. AppNav is network-integrated, providing IT agility and investment protection, all without the use of agents or probes. (See a demo of AppNav at Cisco Routing/WAN Optimization section of Cisco booth on June 10-14)

Cisco WAAS Appliances with AppNav offer deployment scalability while WAAS software delivers best-in-class application acceleration for the enterprise network. Accelerated application performance directly impacts user-experience, which affects efficiency.

Cisco WAAS recognized as market leader in WAN optimization February 2012Efficiency Recently voted by IT professionals as the market leader in WAN optimization, Cisco WAAS offers a series of optimizations: TCP, PLZ, TFO, and context-aware DRE, for plain text or SSL-encrypted traffic. Applications optimized by WAAS include, but are not limited to, database, file service, file transfer, email, data protection, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), client-server, data protection, video streaming and video on demand (VoD), and SSL-encrypted applications. (See what’s new in WAAS 5.0 at Cisco Routing/WAN Optimization section of Cisco booth on June 10-14)

For enterprises looking to enjoy the same benefits, such as on-demand orchestration and fault-tolerant persistent performance, delivered by Cisco WAAS in the cloud, Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS) is the solution.

Resiliency – Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS) adds resilience to the virtual infrastructure in an application-specific, virtualization-aware, and on-demand manner. With Cisco vWAAS, virtual instance of Cisco WAAS can be deployed (and removed) per business requirements. It is the industry’s first cloud-ready WAN optimization virtual appliance that accelerates business applications delivered from the cloud. Cisco vWAAS runs on the VMware ESXi hypervisor and Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS), as well as other x86 servers. (For more info on Cisco vWAAS, visit

Together, these Cisco WAAS solutions along with other Cisco cloud-ready platforms and connectors enable the enterprise to deploy a cloud intelligent network and connect its users to the cloud with confidence. Learn more at Cisco Live San Diego.

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