Council Rock Schools Saved $8.8M on Energy By Using Cisco Switching Solution

September 12, 2012 - 4 Comments

With today’s tough budgetary climate for schools, it’s gratifying to hear about a school district that applies smart technology to save millions on its energy bills so funds can be redirected to important educational programs. Council Rock School District in Pennsylvania embarked on such an energy savings program, Go Green, under which energy monies saved could be returned to other areas of the district’s operating budget, funding programs or staff that might otherwise be subject to cuts. It has taken its Go Green initiative further by using Cisco EnergyWise technology on Cisco 3750, 4500, and 6500 Series Switches to measure, monitor, and manage energy usage by network devices.

Since launching its energy savings program in 2005, the district has saved an impressive $8.8M in energy costs, money it instead used to protect staff positions and invest in educational materials.

Cisco EnergyWise, an energy management protocol based on Cisco IOS Software and enabled on the school district’s Cisco Catalyst network switches, allows the district to apply policies to shut down systems and network devices centrally after hours to conserve power. Beginning with integrated control of its air conditioning/heating (HVAC) systems, the district has gone on to leverage its Cisco network for centralized management of its PCs, IP phones, wireless access points, and even some of its lighting systems. With Cisco, the pioneering district has a robust, scalable and long-term sustainable network foundation that delivers tremendous value.

For the full case study go to:

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  1. Thanks…

    Also – have you heard of the new EnergyWise Fast-Start $0 SKU’s? You can now get limited functionality energy management software from Verdiem and JouleX and no charge with new Catalyst 4500E and 3700/3500 series switches

    Send me an email on if you want more information

    Guneet Bedi

  2. Welcome, I’ll explore the business cases in Cisco EnergyWise portal, seems like we can plan (if not already doing this) globally. Being standard on Cisco switching equipment for long time, should be doable in the medium term, and should be companies radar for analysis.

  3. Hey Rodrigo,

    Thanks for the kind comments and appreciating the value of Cisco EnergyWise. Reporting tools are very important for geting good ROI. In this case-study the management application used was from Verdiem – Sureveyer v6.

    The idea with Cisco EnergyWise is that we provide the protocol by default and for free in the Cisco networking equipment (Catalyst switches and ISR routers) so that the energy management can be done in a scalable, secure manner using the power of the Cisco Network.. There are over 100 partners who are using Cisco EnergyWise to offer a clean solution to such customers. More details on

    Please reach out if you want more help here!


  4. This is super cool, and important technology, we wish too see deployed more times. I was wondering how critical reporting tools are to justify new hardware and software purchase, at 40% is a very good number to me.

    Also, very interesting the integration with third party tools to achieve savings and control, not only in Cisco PoE devices, but lots of other network devices and lighting systems, HVACs. Hope to see more cases like that.