Cloud Ready WAN Optimization Solution with the New Cisco WAAS 4.3.1

November 30, 2010 - 0 Comments

Cisco WAAS Business Unit is excited to announce the general availability of WAAS 4.3.1 release!

The new Cisco WAAS 4.3.1 includes virtual WAAS (vWAAS) integrated with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus 1000V, provides uniform WAAS central management to the WAAS Express devices and improved optimizations for Cloud (SaaS) applications like Microsoft Office 365 (BPOS – Business Productivity Online Standard Suite).

Cisco vWAAS enables the transition to public and private clouds and is a key proof point in the Cisco Unified Network Services (UNS) pillar, a central part of the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architecture. UNS includes Virtual WAAS (vWAAS), Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) and future services integrated with Nexus 1000V and UCS that differentiates Cisco’s cloud architecture while enabling a gradual transition from physical to virtualized environments.

Cisco WAAS Express extends the WAAS portfolio by offering a cost-effective IOS-based Cisco WAN optimization in the next generation Integrated Service Router – ISR G2 routers.  WAAS Express, WAAS on SRE (Service Ready Engine) on ISR G2, and WAAS appliances interoperate seamlessly as part of the Cisco Borderless Networks architecture.  Customers and/or Partners can take advantage of Year-End-Sprint offer as part of the router refresh program.

WAAS 4.3.1 has the following new key features & customer benefits:
1.    Cisco Virtual WAAS (vWAAS)

  • Cisco vWAAS is the industry’s first cloud-ready WAN optimization product that can be deployed in an elastic, multi-tenant, and on-demand manner.
  • Cisco vWAAS runs as a virtual appliance on VMware ESX and ESXi 4.0 hypervisors, Cisco Unified Computing System™ x86 servers. Cisco vWAAS is the industry’s only WAN Optimization product that is integrated with Nexus 1000V, enabling policy-based deployments in cloud infrastructure.
  • Cisco vWAAS Central Manager provides common management of physical and Cisco vWAAS instances, and an option for service providers to reduce the hardware footprint per tenant.

2.    Enhanced optimizations for SaaS and HTTPS applications

  • New optimization features for secure-web (HTTPS) applications further improve response times, and reduce WAN bandwidth consumption.
  • This feature improves response times for cloud-delivered applications such as Microsoft BPOS, and other HTTPS applications such as delivered from the public SaaS cloud.

3.    Common Cisco WAAS Central Manager for Cisco WAAS Express instances

  • Enhanced Cisco WAAS Central Manager capabilities enable organizations to manage the industry’s broadest portfolio of WAN optimization devices  – WAE/WAVE appliances, WAAS on NME (ISR),  WAAS on SRE (ISR G2), vWAAS, and WAAS Express – from any vendor.
  • WAAS Express is supported on Cisco ISR G2 Routers – Cisco 1941, Cisco 2901, Cisco 2911, Cisco 2921, Cisco 2951, Cisco 3925, and, Cisco 3945 Series routers.
  • WAAS on SRE is also supported on ISR G2 39xxE routers.

4.    New & Enhanced performance monitoring charts in WAAS CM

  • Throughput performance charts on LAN and WAN side to communicate the benefits that WAAS brings.
  • Device-specific connection trends chart  to assist customers when to upgrade or expand their WAN Op deployment
  • Exportable executive summary report on WAAS performance.

The 4.3.1 software images can be downloaded using this link – WAAS 4.3.1 Software Image
(or go to the portal and follow the instructions:!y)

The WAAS 4.3.1 docs are now live on  Please see WAAS 4.3.1 Release Note

More details are accessible from the main doc page:

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