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[Cisco Developer Contest] The Winners!

October 8, 2009 - 0 Comments

Today we are very excited to unveil the winners of our yearlong AXP developer contest.  In this video, Sue Bostrom, executive vice president and chief marketing officer and Marie Hattar, vice president of Network Systems and Security Solutions at Cisco, announce the winners of the Cisco “Think Inside the Box” developer contest in this video.





Our talented judging panel chose the winners based on criteria of functionality, architecture, implementation and documentation of the application.  What really impressed us with these winning applications though was the strong value proposition of their application, which stood out as the most innovative, creative and business impacting of all the submissions.  The speed at which the finalist teams were able to take a concept and turn it into a fully functional network-aware application was very impressive as well.  Some of these teams had never developed on a router before and in less than 90 days they were able to build truly innovative applications that address real market transitions and challenges

Here’s another look at the winning applications:


  • Second Place: Winning $30,000, team Enhancers, led by Rajesh Kotagiri in India, for his application of the Local Advertising Mesh Network, which provides flexibility to local advertisers to new streams of advertising. The application leverages the Google AdSense network to create a distributed ad-serving platform hosted on the AXP. This platform will reside on routers spread across various branch offices.


  • Third Place: Winning $20,000 team BugsBernie, led by Bernhard Beckmann in Germany, for his Integrated Surveillance System application.  With this solution, existing IP phones can be turned on during non-working hours, to monitor any audio signals in the offices; a simple and cost effective means to enable a security solution in branch offices by leveraging existing network infrastructure.



Community Choice Award

In addition to announcing the official winners we also wanted to announce the winner of our online community choice contest.  For the past couple weeks we have been asking our Twitter followers to vote for their favorite application on our website

Congratulations to Team CampUser, led by Toshiyuki Sakata in Brazil. He developed the Locker for IP Telephony application that was chosen by our CiscoGeeks community as their favorite team!


This is the first time Cisco has asked developers to build applications for the AXP and we were overwhelmed by the response – we received 900 registrations and over 100 submissions from over 75 countries.  We thank you all for participating in the contest and illustrating the power of the human network effect!

We wish all the finalists the very best, and thank them for what’s been a year long effort on their part. Look for more reviews around it in the coming weeks, and an exciting new announcement as part of the Borderless Network Experience on October 20th.

Shashi Kiran

Cisco Developer Contest – The Winners!

October 8, 2009 - 6 Comments

On October 14th, 2008 we announced the Cisco ‘Think Inside the Box’ Developers contest with an objective to educate our application developer community on the power of the network as a platform for enabling innovation. The response to this contest was phenomenal. With over 900 registrants and 110 qualified teams submitting proposals in Phase-1, to the challenge was to narrow the list down to ten finalists who got a chance to develop applications on the Cisco Integrated Services Router’s Application Extension Platform.

For Phase-2, these ten finalists were asked to convert their paper proposals to workable prototypes – in 90 days! Eight teams made the cut with application concepts that impressed the judging panel we assembled.  

We had asked the contestants to “Imagine. Innovate. Inspire”. And these finalists certainly did. These judges were very impressed with the quality of the ideas and the way these applications were demonstrated. We decided to host the demos from the final eight for you to judge here.  


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  1. Amazing to see the power of open innovation. Simple but high impact innovations like BAS, first prize winner of Cisco's competition, makes a whole lot of difference for enterprises. Building Automation Services(BAS) reduces the need for external servers to manage these disparate facilities, reduces capital and operational costs by integrating the service management capabilities on AXP. In addition, this solution saves energy costs by detecting facilities breakdowns in real-time. This technology fits right into Cisco's strategic direction and enables them to take the heat"" out of Data Center cost resulting from sub-optimal facilities management. I can imagine endless opportunities if this intelligence can be integrated into applications/services. Now, you suddenly transform these applications/services into more ""environ-aware"" and cost-aware services. I have been looking into virtualization at server, network, storage, application/server level. Those technologies would help us to optimize the utilization of server and storage resources to applications. However, 60% of the data center operational costs comes from power and cooling stuff. If application can control the use of these resources through some kind of intelligent sending like what BAS does, then enterprises can significantly reduce their data center operational costs.Just a wild thought and as I struggle to find meaningful ways to turn today's data center investments into value, this particular idea ignited my spark plug."

  2. ONE WORD, WOW!Excellent post

  3. Congradulations to the winners, cisco systems rocks.

  4. The three teams are awesome, they worth the prize!!

  5. Congratulations to all the three winners.

  6. Congratulations to MADnetwork, Enhancers and BugsBernie.And thanks for the Cisco to bring the Hidden Talent in the front of people through this wonderful contest. This type of contest should be carry on. Big Companies like Cisco and other Market BenchMarks should take the responsibility to give the chance to New Generation for exploring themselves.