Cisco Office-in-a-Box – Cisco UCS-E Series with VMware View

October 9, 2012 - 4 Comments

Increased innovation in virtualization, compute and networking technology is steadily increasing the growth and adoption of VDI. Many enterprises are extending VDI deployments to their remote offices and branches but many are also apprehensive of running VDI across the WAN link due to concerns that a single point of failure could disrupt the entire business at a remote location. Similarly, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are exploring VDI.  For them to adopt VDI the offered solution needs to be simple, reliable, and able to incorporate other business needs like office communications, PCI compliance, business continuity, etc. They prefer solutions that provide a healthy TCO and can also be deployed and managed easily. 

Inder Sindu, Cisco SVP, in his book “Doing Both” explains why “doing both” is today’s best growth strategy and how successful businesses prioritize both growth and profitability along with Innovation and operational excellence. The engineers and architects who built the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge focused on the confluence of two seemingly opposing ideals—beauty and strength. This concept of “doing both” holds true in in business, too.

For organizations who want to deploy VDI at their remote offices, the efficiencies of a centralized model at cost of performance over the WAN is unacceptable. And conversely, a distributed model could introduce greater cost and complexity.

The good news is that businesses can now “do both” with a cost efficient distributed VDI model that helps business address WAN performance concerns and deliver the best virtual desktop experience. The Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISRG2) with UCS-E Series server blade and VMware solution brings that to reality:  Cisco UCS E-Series Server modules provides that superior user experience by running VMware View VDI hosted on VMware ESXi running within  ISR G2 branch routers.

Cisco and VMware have partnered together to build the Remote Office Branch Office solution where up to 30 VDI sessions can be served from the double wide UCS E-Series Server, hosted within the Cisco 3945 Integrated Services Router. Cisco and VMware have begun working together on VDI support on the UCS E-Series, and through the VMware Rapid Desktop Program, the two companies have validated that branches and SMBs can host up to 30 virtual desktop sessions using the Cisco ISR G2 “Office-in-a-Box” with VMware View hosted on the Cisco UCS E-Series. 

Organizations benefit as they can move their virtual desktop infrastructure closer to their end users to optimize application response time and improve end-user performance.  IT can also save time as they can remotely manage, patch and back up users from one central location. As the compute capability is integrated as part of the router platform, customers see the benefits of consolidated infrastructure in the branch for operational efficiency, reduction in premium real estate, as well as cost savings in energy. This solution is applicable to many segments of the market which need up to 30 desktops in a remote location. Businesses, specifically in retail, healthcare, retail banking, and hospitality, as well as mobile offices which need to be built for 30-60 days (such as like temporary tax centers or emergency relief centers) will find this one-box solution very attractive.

Similar to the Golden Gate Bridge – an engineering and esthetic marvel this joint solution between Cisco Systems and VMware delivers local VDI for desktops, wired/wireless WAN/LAN connectivity, Unified Communications, Security, WAN Optimization all in one small footprint platform.

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  1. Wow it’s geat, I wont to show this for my clients and “open his eyes”. What are other function server in router?

    • Thanks Arek,

      Appreciate your comment.

      Cisco ISR G2 has an excellent track record of innovating and integrating services – it supports not only best-in-class routing but also industry leading Security, Unified Communication , LAN and WAN connectivity- Wired and Wireless including 3G/4G services . With Cisco UCS E-Series it now provides server class compute as well – offering enterprise branches and SMBs an all-integrated office in a Box solution.

  2. …Just a great Cisco and VMware move…thanks for a so informative Post…