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Cisco Live London – IPv6 is Hotter Than Ever

February 6, 2012 - 0 Comments

I am back from a week at Cisco Live London where I presented to a packed room on Enterprise IPv6 Deployment. I added much more emphasis on Internet Edge design this time around and it was VERY well received. The comments were very positive, as were the questions in the room, regarding the Internet Edge as the primary starting point for the majority of the attendees. You can check out details on my IPv6 Internet Edge content at my previous blog post.

In addition to IPv6 in the Internet Edge, IPv6 security was a hot topic as usual.  Excellent Cisco speakers such as Eric Vyncke provided attendees at Cisco Live very detailed guidance on securing their networks when using IPv6. One thing that we have come to realize, not just for security, but also for all areas of IPv6 deployment, is that we cannot assume too much regarding the knowledge level of people attending our sessions.

I have a lot of people who attend my IPv6 talks all over the world and the feedback has historically been “I am bored with basic concepts and want much more advanced content”. However, we have found out at recent events that we may be moving too quickly for some and they are not getting the baseline information such as the basic comparisons between IPv4 and IPv6. Stuff like protocol mechanics, header changes, and routing differences. While we cannot add a lot of intro sessions into Cisco Live like we did in the old days, we can do a better job of evangelizing the existing content and resources attendees can use to build up a baseline of knowledge before walking into pure deployment sessions.

Those of us working on IPv6 will take an action item to come back to this forum with a list of resources you folks can leverage so that you have the basics needed before plowing headfirst into the warm, soothing waters of IPv6 deployment. 😉

Comment on this post or hit me on Twitter (@eyepv6) and let me know where you fall as it relates to IPv6 knowledge. What is missing? What do we have too much of?

Finally, we had excellent IPv6 support (yet again) at the conference facility. I had great IPv6 access to the Internet on every device I was toting around.

Until next time,

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