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Cisco Has a Cool New Network Management Solution – Really?

May 25, 2011 - 1 Comment

I recently staffed the Cisco booth at Interop, Las Vegas where we introduced Cisco Prime for Enterprise, a new network management strategy and product portfolio.  I had buttons made that said “Ask Me About Cisco Prime for Enterprise” to help facilitate questions and because I’m a tech marketing geek who likes to wear buttons.

Interop was my first tradeshow since I transitioned to Cisco network management from the Cisco wireless/mobility team where I recently led WLAN management marketing.  I’ve always believed in the value of network management – especially when it’s done right.  As I talked with Interop attendees, two questions kept repeating:

  • What is Cisco Prime for Enterprise?
  • Are you sure Cisco has an innovative network management solution – Really?  As of when?

Again and again, after I demonstrated our new Cisco Prime for Enterprise products the response was always….. Wow!  This is really cool.  How can I try this out?  Then they’d ask again…..Are these really Cisco network management products?  And I’d say – Yes. Absolutely!

On the plane ride back to San Jose, I decided that since everyone could not attend Interop to talk with us at the booth, I would bring our Cisco Prime for Enterprise team to everyone via our Borderless Networks blog. 

So this is the first in a series of blogs where I’ll interview the people here at Cisco who are responsible for Cisco Prime for Enterprise. Here’s the first video interview with Mark Emmerson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Network Management. I asked Mark to give a quick overview of what Cisco Prime for Enterprise is and highlight three of its top features.  Watch Mark’s short video below.

Then check back to the Borderless Networks blog for the next Cisco Prime for Enterprise video in about two weeks.   Thanks for watching!

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  1. It sounds very cool, a pity, that i missed the Interop... A little bit "off topic"... - what do i have to do, to get these awesome cisco mugs, which are standing in the background? Is there any possibility to buy them online? Thanks in advance...