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Campus Access Switching – Right-size, don’t compromise

October 10, 2011 - 4 Comments

Cisco Catalyst 4500E, which we refreshed completely in October last year with the Supervisor 7-E, new line cards, and open application platform (IOS XE), has been winning kudos – both from customers and press. Customers tell us they value the scalability, integrated high-availability, and application visibility that Supervisor Engine 7-E brings to campus access switching. They also tell us that although Supervisor 7-E is great for larger campus deployments, it needs a complementary supervisor that offers rich network services but is better optimized for smaller and medium sized campus deployments.

We listened.  

Our new Supervisor Engine 7L-E enables right-sized solutions by optimizing scalability, port density, and performance with size of deployment while providing comprehensive network services. Here is a quick comparison of how these supervisors are optimized for right-sizing your campus deployments:

Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor Engine 7-E and 7L-E Comparison

You don’t have to settle with good enough network services for small- and mid-size deployments, thanks to the Supervisor 7L-E on the Catalyst 4500E. This supervisor brings Flexible NetFlow, which gives deep visibility to better manage the flood of network traffic hitting the campus access layer with the proliferation of wireless devices. Flexible NetFlow is integrated with Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager – giving you the tools to automate policy-based responses to pre-defined network events. In-Service Software Upgrade helps minimize planned downtime. Integrated protocol analyzer (Wireshark) in IOS XE eliminates stand-alone sniffer solutions. Borderless Network Services such as Cisco TrustSec and Cisco EnergyWise help you deploy integrated security and energy management services.

What do you think? Will Supervisor Engine 7L-E on Catalyst 4500E help you bring rich network services to your small- and mid-sized access campus switching deployments? 

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  1. @Anon - The network services I mentioned in this post are common between Sup 7-E and Sup 7L-E. So, they are also available for Sup 7-E. Thanks, Pradeep

    • For sure they aren't. I currently own 6 Sup7-E, and they don't have wireshark neither trustsec. And they are running the latest IOS. And about trustsec: will they ever support SGACL (currently only supported on Sup2T and Nexus 7k)? Regards.

      • You are absolutely correct, I should have clarified this better in my previous comment. Sup 7-E and Sup 7L-E hardware supports Wireshark and Trustsec (MACSec, SGACL) and a planned software release will enable this functionality. This software release is expected to come out within the next six months. Regards, Pradeep

  2. Hi there, Any idea when those new features (wireshark services, trustsec) will be released for SUP7? Thanks.