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Borderless Networks in Action

Our expectations for how we can use technology to connect people and organizations have changed drastically, even in the past few years. We want to live in a world without the borders that have traditionally hampered our ability to innovate, collaborate and deliver services. Cisco’s Borderless Networks architecture is paving the way for this vision in a number of concrete steps that  began with the launch of the ISR G2 in October 2009. The ultimate goal is for the network to render tasks, which previously required a great deal of time and resources, painless and effortless. Imagine if the network could carry the burden of global connectivity for you…with the click of a button.

For example, what if you wanted to send critical, rich data and applications to remote locations around the world instantaneously?


How about controlling energy usage on devices in multiple buildings…all from your desk?

Curious? On March 17th, Cisco will reveal Borderless Access solutions, representing the next advancement in Borderless Networks, that will help to make all of this possible. Visit here to learn more.

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  1. I'm excited to see how far Cisco has come in the past few years. Borderless networks are the next best thing to actually being at your office.

  2. In my opinion borderless networks are a key component to a successful Social Business Strategy. If you cannot access your resources anywhere and any time you are engaged with your community you won't be able to provide the services your community expects. If I have my tools or information available to me from any networked location I am positioned to become a Trust Agent in my field.