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Approaching the Gate: Meet your I-Prize Finalists

June 25, 2010 - 0 Comments

We’d like to introduce you to three of the nine final teams in Cisco’s global I-Prize competition gunning for the $250,000 grand prize!


Team name: Marcus Stock and David Cummins

Team country: Australia

Team members: Two

Idea goal: Create a personal data tag to collate and coordinate home medical information

Claim to fame: Returning Cisco I-Prize finalists


Marcus Stock and David Cummins’ Cisco I-Prize submission is a wireless system that will collate, coordinate and share personal medical information.


Team captain Marcus Stock and his teammate David Cummins are no strangers to the Cisco I-Prize finals.

During the first Cisco I-Prize competition, Stock and Cummins submitted an idea about interactive smartboard/whiteboard technology for real-time collaboration and brainstorming, for next-generation collaboration and communication.

This time when thinking about innovative ideas, Stock and Cummins decided to draw on personal experience and tackle challenges in the healthcare system.

Their idea is to create a wirelessly-enabled system that will collate, coordinate and share personal medical information with authorized parties such as – medical professionals, family and friends and emergency medical teams.

“We see that the medical data tag will have far reaching impacts in the improving the productivity and efficiency within the patient’s health care cycle and therefore have long term economic benefits to the countries that adopt the system,” Stock said.

Stock used his experience in the first Cisco I-Prize to help launch his consultancy firm, also called Innov8.

And though they didn’t win last time, the former finalists were eager to participate when they heard about the second Cisco I-Prize.

“We are both very happy to be involved with the I-Prize again,” Stock said. “We were overjoyed that we had managed to get into the finals again.”



Team name: Edgewalker

Team countries: Pakistan, Finland

Team members: Three

Idea goal: “Replace hard cash/card with digital money exchange, using web & mobiles”

Claim to fame: Oldest finals idea submitted in competition


Edgewalker s Cisco I-Prize submission “Pay 2.0” is a next-generation cashless payment solution.


Edgewalker team captain Syed Imtiaz Ahmed has been pondering solutions to common ecommerce problems in developing countries since 2003, he just needed a venue to share it.

“I had long observed that low credit card penetration is the principal deterrent to ecommerce take-off in Pakistan (and the developing world in general) and therefore had long established that an alternate payment system/solution is needed that doesn’t require credit cards,” Ahmed said.

When Ahmed read about the Cisco I-Prize competition, he knew he had found the right avenue to discuss and develop his idea.

Shortly thereafter, Ahmed got to work on his Pay 2.0 submission, entering it in the competition in January.

“It’s conceptualized as a global one-to-all ePayments (eCom/mCom) service that enables all kinds of consumers (i.e. Banked, Under-banked, Un-banked) to conduct all kind of money transactions (i.e. Cyber world as well as Real World purchases, Remittances, Bill Payments, Service payments, Donations, Pooling etc) with Digital Money using web and/or cellphones,” Ahmed explained.

Once he got word Pay 2.0 made it to the semi-finals, Ahmed quickly realized he would need more help.

With Pakistan amid a power crisis and citizens without power for as many as 10 hours per day, Ahmed worried he would have trouble making the competition deadlines on his own.

It was at this point that he decided to enlist the help of Finland-based team members Syed Asif Raza and Shakeel Tabassam. Ahmed and his team used Cisco WebEx, Show and Share, and Pulse to collaborate across distances throughout the competition.

Ahmed hopes Cisco I-Prize will help make his idea a reality, and already has plans to fund a nonprofit he is working on should his team win the $250,000 grand prize.



Team name: i3 Collective

Team countries: US, India, Philippines

Team members: Four

Idea goal: To reinvent education

Claim to fame: Team met on the Cisco I-Prize site


i3 Collective‘s Cisco I-Prize submission “Uknow” is a universal knowledge platform with organized content and intuitive applications.


i3 Collective team captain Sanjith Yeruva saw the link to the Cisco I-Prize contest on the Cisco website homepage and, as Yeruva describes, “it was love at first click.”

Upon entering the Cisco I-Prize website, Yeruva realized it was a perfect forum to submit his innovative idea around video and education, Uknow.

“Uknow brings together a myriad of innovations that can transform the landscape of education from schools to college,” Yeruva explained. “With game innovative content deposition and search strategies, UKNOW aims to be a game changer in the world dominated by videos.”

While browsing other Cisco I-Prize ideas and receiving feedback on Uknow online, Yeruva “met” fellow I-Prize participants Robert Dziekan of Orlando, FL, Atul Kumar of India, and Benjamin Intal from the Philippines.

This ability to meet other innovators to work on big ideas is what Yeruva considers one of main benefits of the Cisco I-Prize competition.

“I think one of the things I enjoy most is the breadth and scope of the ideas,” Yeruva said. “We don’t think small on the I-Prize. There are ideas I’d never have even dreamed of before.”

Yeruva, Dziekan, Kumar and Intal collaborated using Cisco WebEx and Show and Share, drawing from each other’s unique experience and skill sets to develop the Uknow and create the business case.

Learn more about Uknow from i3 Collective team member Dziekan on the Cisco I-Prize Webcast Series Episode that profiled the team.

As in the previous rounds, make sure to “invest” your IP points in the idea you think is most deserving to be crowned the ultimate I-Prize champion through the I-Prize community.

Stay tuned to learn about the other I-Prize finalists. Remember, on June 29 Cisco’s Chairman and CEO John Chambers will announce the winning I-Prize team and idea live on-stage from Cisco Live.

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