The Weather Channel today reported that snow and ice covers the ground in 49 of 50 states this weekend, so many of us are looking forward to traveling to San Diego at the end of this month for DistribuTECH!  Warm breezes, palm trees, and some of the best technology available to the power industry will be on display. What a great way to escape the cold!


Over 11,000 of the world’s utility industry leaders from more than 75 countries – including operational technology and IT experts from electric, power, water and other types of municipal utilities — are coming together in So Cal to evolve and secure the grid and other critical infrastructure. The big draw this year will be security, networking, and next-generation connectivity – and at the Cisco booth, we’ve got you covered for all three.

With NERC CIP now very much a reality, and with more devices now connected than ever, industrial infrastructure and IoT engineers must develop procedures and standards to lock down their systems from malicious attacks. We’ll show you how to slam the door on risk and keep your network – and your grid – safe and secure. This is made possible by our phalanx of security software, firewall devices, IP cameras, access control, perimeter monitoring, and advanced services.


As networks convert steadily to MPLS, we’ve been at the forefront of the revolution and can show you how to make your system more intelligent and easier than ever to manage.

Our Field Area Network (FAN) devices enable pervasive monitoring and control of energy distribution networks to enhance energy delivery and build a low carbon society. The Cisco multi-service FAN solution supports use cases such as Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation, and workforce efficiency.

We will be showing solutions for every part of your network, from Distribution and Substation Automation, to Field Asset management, and all of it wrapped in a Secure Operations environment to keep your grid up and your headaches down.

There’s never been a better time to connect the Grid! See how Cisco can help in Booth 2231 and on our website: