What could possibly be more important than food, water, air or shelter?

September 27, 2011 - 0 Comments

The Internet. Believe it or not, in Cisco’s 2011 Connected World Technology Report, 49% of college students and 47% of recently employed college students (many working in their first full-time jobs) said the Internet is “pretty close” to the level of importance of air, food, water and shelter.

A few other fascinating stats from the Connected World Technology Report:

These statistics speak loudly – it is important that the rest of us adjust to this frame of mind. Some teachers in the classroom today grew up with typewriters and black and white televisions – far from today’s world of smart phones, tablets and the Internet. And even while others got the Internet at age 13, it’s far from the world kids are now growing up in. So it is especially critical for teachers, who are struggling to engage their students, to understand the importance of utilizing technology to teach the millennial learners.

In the first edition of the Cisco Education Video Blog, Cisco education advocate Dr. Lance Ford interviews Mike Harttree, an engineer at Cisco, about this very subject. Mike encourages teachers to do anything they can to advance the types of media and devices they use in the classroom and promote communicating visually. I love the story Mike tells about his seven year old son and his friends making stop action videos with Legos – and making money from it!

Join the Cisco Connected Learning Exchange and check out episode one of the education video blog:

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