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Video in Education – What the Research Says and How Educators Can Prepare for the Future

May 2, 2012 - 7 Comments

Schools, colleges and universities around the world are using video technologies as a fundamental agent in the process of education transformation. A new white paper commissioned by Cisco and conducted by Wainhouse Research concludes:

In concert with global macro-economic changes and the growth of social interconnectedness worldwide, education is undergoing a major shift, as brick-and-mortar classrooms are opening up to rich media content, subject matter experts, and to one another. This shift has been influenced largely by technological and pedagogical trends, greater worldwide access to the Internet, an explosion of mobile phone users, and the appreciation for these technologies by young people, as well as by teachers. Video appears poised to be a major contributor to the shift in the educational landscape, acting as a powerful agent that adds value and enhances the quality of the learning experience.

Listen as Michael Stevenson, Cisco VP of Global Education introduces this important new white paper entitled, “The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video in Education – What the Research Says and How Educators and Decision Makers Can Begin to Prepare for the Future”.

The white paper and executive summary draws on multiple studies and summarizes the positive impact of video in education including:

  • Grades and performance
  • School readiness
  • Student’s collaborative abilities
  • Overall academic development
  • Workforce preparation

In addition, the report showcases real-world examples such as Pymble Ladies College and Duke University, who are successfully implementing effective models of video enabled teaching and learning.

Our hope is that this white paper will serve as a useful resource and catalyst for educators, administrators, decision makers and education stakeholders, to use video technologies as powerful enablers and complementary tools for achieving high-quality 21st century learning.


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  1. Thanks for your comments. Interactive video is having a profound affect on education, particularly eLearning. With today’s technologies, learners can maintain the “face-to”face” experience even when taking part in online courses. These new learning environments with interactive video and other collaborative tools, such as Cisco WebEx or Quad, may offer a richer learning experience than traditional classrooms.

  2. I totally agree with Mr Lalit, we are moving on to higher shift where we can exchanage our ideas our innovation to help the society to think out of the box in few seconds and that too in realtime.
    Infact the process of learning has become so simplified that with few clicks on internet you can learn the things practically.

  3. This is truly a paradigm shift, while the whole concept is information centric ie models that provides access to information at various nodes. Google was quite elemental for it’s contribution to information discovery over the web but video is indeed the next generation vehicle for information/ideas exchange. Pleased to see that the video traffic on the networks is bringing communities closer everyday !! Video is indeed a great medium to bring ideas together without device dependability 🙂

  4. Hi Silvia. You are absolutely right. The current generation of learners expects to be engaged with video and rich media.

  5. Right now, my most important teacher is my 5 year-old son. He is showing me how to learn in new ways, using video and other digital media. What is jaw-dropping for me, is only natural for him.

  6. Hi Greg. Thanks for your great work supporting the EdTech Community. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

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