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Turkish University Grooms Students for Roles in Modern Life

September 13, 2011 - 0 Comments

It is heartening to note that education systems around the world are seriously working towards achieving the goal of helping students excel both academically and as members of society. Yasar University located in Izmir, Turkey is one of the leading education institutions that aims at creating an infrastructure and environment that not only has the capacity to meet future growth but also prepare students for their roles in modern life.

Izmir is a large metropolis with a population of 3.35 million, making it the third most populous city of Turkey. Lying on an advantageous location at the head of a gulf running down in a deep indentation midway on the western Anatolian coast, Izmir is widely regarded as one of the most progressive Turkish cities in terms of its values, lifestyle, modernism, dynamism and gender roles. The city has always been governed by fresh inspirations which stems from the readiness of its citizens to adopt novelties and new projects. A modern, cutting-edge, smart education system being one of them.

Yasar University, one of the many universities in the city was founded in 2001 with an overall objective of providing staff and students better tools for working, teaching and learning. With the growing student numbers, they doubled up in action to manage rapid growth by deploying a single Cisco infrastructure for computing, phone and wireless services. A single centralized network across 21 buildings not only helped reduce capital costs but brought in a powerful and well designed network supporting future growth leading to a Smart and Connected campus.

Walk into the university and it is easy to find that leading edge spark of modernism. The Smart and Connected campus is live with university staff using PDAs to access the network and wireless IP phones to communicate with one another anywhere within the borders of the campus. Students too can easily access information with their laptops at anytime, anywhere in the campus vicinity. The beauty of the new network is the vision with which it has been deployed. It has the power and flexibility of adding new network users very quickly and introducing new applications such as online learning or even changing the way a building is utilized.

This is a leading example that other institutions around the world can take inspiration from to change the future of today’s students.

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