Not the end. Not even the beginning of the end.

April 24, 2012 - 1 Comment

Having worked on Cisco’s London 2012 programme for more than two years, it seems strange that the Games themselves will last just four and a half  weeks in total – which seems far too short for all the effort going in from everybody !

Thankfully, we see the Legacy component of  this partnership lasting for many years to come, and our “Building A Brilliant Future” programme has been designed to build a lasting legacy based on learning, skills, innovation and entrepreneurship that will hopefully create jobs and drive business growth particularly in SME’s.

It is exciting to think that the future great British Olympic and Paralympic athletes and digital entrepreneurs of tomorrow, are still at school today. A key project for us  throughout Cisco’s campaign has been to develop a series of Olympic-inspired programs that will inspire the kids of the UK about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and hopefully encourage them to want to further their learning beyond GCE to A Level and university level and enable them to access some of the “cool” jobs (their words not mine !) that exist in the  hi-tech and digital sector in the UK.

Cisco’s involvement with STEM has three key parts:

The ‘Out Of The Blocks’ Maths and Science Series 2012

As part of the London 2012 Education programme, ‘Get Set’ Out Of The Blocks, offers free Key Stage 4 Maths and Science resources for all state-funded UK secondary and independent  schools.  We have also incorporated all Pupil Referral Units (PRU’s) and Young Offenders Institutes (YOI’s)

By taking London 2012 as its inspiration, Cisco and its partners are making STEM learning practical and fun,  while keeping it tied to the syllabus and showcasing the opportunities that STEM skills can lead to.  Find out more at:

The STEMNet Challenges

This series of challenges to schools and other organisations will inspire the next generation of STEM professionals. Challenge 6 asked students to help raise the profile of top Paralympian, Rachel Morris, by designing an interesting, informative and educational website. While Challenge 10, gives children a chance to imagine the Games coming to their region or city and play the part of the organising committee. Find out more at:

Cisco NetAcademy

The Cisco NetAcademy program is the world’s largest virtual classroom that has already trained over 4 million students to design, build, troubleshoot and secure computer networks for increased access to career opportunities. There are now more than 600 Cisco NetAcademies in the UK and we hope to add a further 30 in East London and give upto 4,000 East London students a route to some of the exciting new jobs in the IT industry.

So when the Closing Ceremony ends and the last spectators drift away from the Olympic stadium, the 30th Olympic and Paralympic Games will finally come to an end.  But I am proud that my contribution to Cisco’s London 2012 partnership will continue to have an impact on the young people of the UK for decades to come !

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  1. Its good to see companies like Cisco fulfilling their corporate social responsibility through encouraging children interest in four core subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I guess this step will benefit the wider society.