Could Grade-Schoolers Develop Cutting Edge Mobile Video Technology?

January 30, 2012 - 2 Comments

A while back, we asked what features you think would make up a good video collaboration app for smartphones and mobile devices.

Do you have your list?

If so, you should submit it to this team of primary school students in Sutton Coldfield, England. The youngsters take part in an after school computer club, during which they design apps for smartphones and tablets. They’ve already come up with sound effects and “painting” programs; could video be next?

If (or when) they do turn towards designing video collaboration apps, these students will no doubt help meet an increasing demand for mobile video collaboration. We know the U.S. military has sought out secure mobile video applications, and the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) to work movement has taken off across multiple sectors, with more and more people choosing to use their own hardware on the job. To ensure optimal, personal connections to colleagues and clients, these BYOD workers need video applications like telepresence available on the devices upon which they most rely.

The students could benefit as well from mobile telepresence apps. We’ve seen telepresence take hold in more and more classrooms, connecting students to their peers in other schools, to scholars at institutions around the world, and to places they can’t otherwise go. As more and more schools invest in tablets and other mobile technologies—or implement their own BYOD programs telepresence could shift from a classroom-based experience to an individual learning pathway:  A tool that can connect each student to his/her desired mentor, to his/her personal hero in a field of interest, or to his/her peer in a distant country.

Though they may just be having fun with an extracurricular activity, these students in England are developing technology applications that can truly have positive impacts on their lives and the lives of people everywhere—especially if they extend their work to video.

Do you use mobile video collaboration? If so, how could your experience improve?

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  1. Great question – the club is run by Midlands IT education firm ComputerXplorers in Sutton Coldfield UK – maybe submit a comment to the article to find out?

  2. I would be interested in what software these kids are using to create applications. By grade schooler is world class gamer and would be interested in doing similar.