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Brisbane Girls Grammar School Embraces and Enables Mobile Learning

February 27, 2012 - 0 Comments

Have you seen the video of the one year old child trying to use a magazine like an iPad?  It makes for fascinating viewing and an indication that while today’s students consider the internet to be important in their lives, many of tomorrow’s students will not know a world without internet, particularly mobile internet.

Some schools are already tackling this mobile experience.  Brisbane Girls Grammar School is a secondary school in Queensland, Australia with 1000 students.   It has recognised the extent to which mobile devices, communications and technology play an integral role in business and consumer lifestyles and recently implemented a “bring your own device” strategy for students and teachers. It runs a wireless network across its campus that supports two personal devices per person — whether laptop, mobile phone or tablet — as well as school owned devices.  Up to 3,000 devices are supported on the network for educational purposes at one time.

By putting this network in place, the school has encouraged students and staff to find new, interesting ways of learning.  The lessons are mobile, interactive and entertaining.  Have a look at Brisbane Girls Grammar School with its use of technology in the classroom.

One teacher uses video to film a student’s swimming technique in a sports class which is streamed simultaneously to a nearby classroom where feedback is given to another group of students.  A music teacher sends her class to explore the outdoors, record sounds and send audio file assignments to her via their iPads at the end of the lesson.  Another teacher sends assignments to students, which they complete online and send back using their laptops, mobiles or tablets via email and online internal systems.

As Dr. Amanda Bell, Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar School points out, technology is playing a growing role in education and changing the way teachers and students interact. “The industrial model classroom that was a square box with desks in rows has shifted so more collaborative learning can happen.”

How are you seeing technology change the way that teachers and students interact?


Check out the video for Brisbane Girls Grammar School and how they are using technology in the classroom. For other stories on schools and educational institutions using technology, visit the Cisco Education ANZ showcase or visit Cisco ANZ on Slideshare.  You can also follow @ciscoanz on Twitter.

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