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Three Ways a Free WebEx Basic Account Can Help Kids Learn

July 11, 2012 - 3 Comments

The new WebEx Meetings is here and with it comes a free basic account that anyone can get and use. We invite educators to get their own account and start using it in the classroom. Here are three ideas to get things started – and we have more here. We’d also love to hear your ideas. Please comment on this blog!

Interview an Expert

Use WebEx to bring an “expert” into your classroom. Distance or location is no longer a barrier. Use the video conference capabilities of WebEx to take your students into studios, laboratories or even into the field! All the other person needs is an Internet connection and a webcam to broadcast from wherever they are. They could even engage with you via their iPad or iPhone or Android. Anyone can get the mobile application at no cost.

Classroom Connect

Share your classroom with another classroom! You can aim your webcam at your students and have your partner aim the camera at his or her classroom and away you go. This is a great way to demonstrate to the students that they are similar and different from students in another location. You can also use desktop sharing to show images from either side. Just “pass the ball” back and forth to allow you and your guest to share.

Record Them Learning

Whenever you use WebEx, be sure to record what’s going on. With a simple click on the record button, you will keep a record of what’s happening that you can use to post on a blog or review later with students if they need to see the content once again. It will also capture the primary speaker on video so it’s a great way to show students how they look on camera!

These are just a few ideas. You will have many more. We look forward to hearing them – post a comment here on our blog. We might feature your story! Get your free WebEx Basic account and be sure to get the mobile app too (it’s free) so you can play with WebEx at school and away.

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  1. Is it possible to control another meeting member’s computer also, to assist with some remote support tasks as well as meetings?

  2. I use WebEx in my daily work–but also in the MBA cohort courses I teach. WebEx enables me to bring in guest lecturers from around the world, to share their unique knowledge and wisdom. On the class sessions we have guests, the students don’t have to come to class. They can be at home, work, etc. on any device and fully interact with the guest. This would not be possible without WebEx.
    Students learn much from the guests–and their feedback about this method of teaching and learning is very positive!