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Welcome to the Inclusion and Diversity Blog!

January 14, 2011 - 2 Comments

Did you spot the bear?

Welcome to the newest addition to the Cisco blog family – the Inclusion and Diversity blog! With this blog, we aim to facilitate and re-ignite the conversation around “spotting the bear”.

In other words, when we are doing business and our eyes are primarily on the end goal, it is very easy to forget about the people we are doing business with, their cultures, languages and backgrounds. Spotting the bear becomes increasingly difficult in today’s global and virtual workplace, but it is invaluable in creating a working environment where every employee feels comfortable to do his or her best.

Why is Inclusion and Diversity important to Cisco? As with many companies, Cisco values its diverse and global workforce and believes that diverse interactions not only lead to better products and services but also better relationships too.

We want this blog to signpost our readers, both inside and outside of Cisco, to where “Inclusion and Diversity” types of conversations are happening on the Web and to be a space where you can share your own personal stories, experiences and best practices. We’ll be posting content from across the Web that we think will make interesting discussion points.

We really encourage you to join the conversation by commenting on the blog and sharing your thoughts, personal experiences and best practices on how you’ve kept your eyes open and spotted  “the bear”.

Welcome to the discussion!

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  1. Great, eye-opening video. I saw the bear but didn't see the moon-walking. We see but we don't necessarily go any deeper.

  2. I saw the bear right off.. but in fairness I have seen this video before. I love this video because it reminds me to not judge others because I may not always know everything going on around me. We are all so busy we tend to have only our goals on on mind and forget that others have a perspective as well.