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The new transparency of business

March 1, 2011 - 2 Comments

Last week, I posted a blog called Innovation is key to becoming a ‘people-centric’ business which looked at Inclusion and Diversity from a customer perspective. The article argued that in order to succeed, businesses needed to become “customer centric” – looking at the world from their customers’ perspectives and identifying their customers’ problems and tensions. I’m pleased to see that the post has been very popular and has so far been viewed over 2,000 times! An interesting article in yesterday’s London Evening Standard looked at this idea of customer centricity from a different perspective.

There are an increasing number of companies in London who have ditched the traditional behind-closed-doors meetings and instead they are “putting their meetings on display – conducting them at tables just behind the glass at street level and visible to passers-by.”

Research conducted on students from the City of Westminster College has shown that the overall behaviour of students improved when they worked in glass-walled rooms and thus this structure clearly increases productivity. But another reason for this trend also falls back to Inclusion and Diversity. What these companies are doing is creating an inclusive environment where passers-by (potential clients) feel they are “working with a business that is open, trustworthy and transparent.” Putting customer-centricity literally at the heart of your business and as your clients are looking into your business, you in turn are seeing the world from their point of view.

I’d be interested to hear if your company conducts its meetings in this innovative fashion – please share your thoughts below!

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  1. Years ago at Disneyland, you could watch the animation team working behind a giant glass wall. Who knew they were in the vanguard? 🙂

  2. Business will grow better when it can compete in transparency world. And with those Inclusion and Diversity factors, it will make business as a special thing. Thanks for this great article.