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Social Media and the end of gender – Johanna Blakley

February 2, 2011 - 0 Comments

This short video states that women are by far the largest global social media consumers, and this simple fact could vastly change the global media landscape to be more female focused.

Johanna Blakley asks the audience to envisage a world where the media landscape is not dominated by “lame” demographics, such as age and gender. Instead, consumers’ click streams are monitored to discover what their interests and tastes are; do they like sports? What sort of films do they like? Are they into cars? This type of segmentation is being deemed as much more valuable than classic demographics.

The same can be said of business. Employers have been encouraging their staff to move away from labelling their peers as “Male”, “Working-Class”, “Old” or “Young” for years now, but how far have we come? If you are working with someone isn’t it much more valuable to know that they like fishing or surfing, or that what their favourite TV show is, than how old they are? Let us know your thoughts in the box below.

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