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Meet Colin – the new face of Generation C

March 7, 2011 - 0 Comments

“Colin is a 20-year-old computer science student living in London with two other students in the year 2020. He enjoys backpacking, sports, music, and gaming. He has a primary digital device (PDD) that keeps him connected 24 hours a day — at home, in transit, at school. He uses it to download and record music, video, and other content, and to keep in touch with his family, friends, and an ever-widening circle of acquaintances. His apartment is equipped with the latest wireless home technology, giving him superfast download speeds of up to 100 Mbps.”

We’ve all read about Generation X – the generation of people born from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s – and Generation Y – the generation of people born from around 1976 to around 2000. But how much do you know about the future Generation C – a group of “connected, communicating, content-centric, computerised, community-oriented, always clicking [people who] were born after 1990 and lived their adolescent years after 2000”?

This article explores a day in a life of a typical Generation C – “Colin” – and how members of this generation will use communications technology to “access and consume information and entertainment and to interact with one another”. It also looks out the how Generation C will transform the workplace including the continued consumerisation of corporate IT and the increased virtualisation of the organisation.

Do you have any Generation C employees in your workplace and how do you ensure they feel included in the organisation? Share your thoughts below.

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