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Do you have your own individual taste or do you follow the crowd?

March 11, 2011 - 1 Comment

The “nature versus nuture” is a famous age old debate. Are our individual physical and behavioural differences driven by our innate qualities we are born with – “nature” – or by our personal experiences – “nuture”?

But researchers from Cambridge University have added a new dimension to this debate. They believe people can be split into one of five cultural types groups – communal, aesthetic, dark, thrilling and cerebral – and have developed a questionnaire to prove this.

The research found that other factors including gender, mood and level of education had a significant impact on peoples’ cultural tastes (e.g. what music they liked, literature, film, etc.) but the personality test trumped all. In other words, nature defines human preferences because we are born with cultural preferences and these govern our personal experiences.

The research was conducted to acquire a better understand of how people spend their free time. From an Inclusion and Diversity perspective, identifying cultural preferences within and across groups in the workplace will enable us to communicate more effectively and create an environment of innovation and collaboration.

How do you understand cultural differences in your workforce? Share your thoughts below.

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